Union Budget 2017-18 Highlights Summary

Union Budget 2017-18 Highlights Summary

Union Budget (Article-112) of a year also known as financial statement, this is estimated expenditure and receipts of the govt. for the specific year. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley offered the Union Budget 2017-18 in Lok Sabha on February 1, 2017. Narendra Modi’s administration showed its 4th budget. As you all know that the demonetisation move by Modi ji on November 8, 2016 will not have been a continuing astonish on economy. Mr. Jaitley also informed that the allotment of budget for women and children will be improved i.e. Rs 1, 84,632 crore. He also represents the joint budget with Railway Budget and railway obviously concentrates on capital works, passenger safety and cleanliness. Here, are the important highlights of Union Budget.

Budget mainly focused on 10 themes:

Prudent fiscal organization, the adolescence, the rural inhabitants, poor people, transportation, government posts, economical sector for stronger institutions, quick accountability, tax management for the sincere, unprivileged strength care and the undeveloped division.


Demonetisation plays a great role on the income and lives of people. It is the important and bold calculate that will add to the GDP growth. It is actually probable to have a passing impact on the wealth. The property of this wills not spillover to other fiscal.

Agriculture Sector:

The total of Rs 10 lakh crore is appropriate as approval to farmers, with 60 days attention waiver. A dedicated micro irrigation fund will be located for NABARD with Rs 5,000 crore first corpuses. Irrigation corpuses enlarged from Rs 20,000 crore to Rs 40,000. Diary giving out infrastructure fund will be first formed with a quantity of Rs 2000 crore. Issuance of soil cards has increased momentum. A replica law on bond farming will be ready and common with the states. Government will placed mini labs in krishi vigyan Kendra’s for soil checking. NABARD fund will be gained to Rs 40,000 crore.

Rural population:

During 2017-18, 5 lakh farm ponds will be in use under MGNREGA. Space knowledge will be used in a large way to make sure MGNREGA works. The country gains 100% countryside electrification by March 2018.The government targets to get 1 crore households out of scarcity by 2019. Over Rs 3 lakh crore will be exhausted for rustic india. MGNREGA used to twice farmer’s earnings. Swach Bharat job has made great progress, sanitation treatment has gone up from 42% in OCT 13 to 60% NOW. It will obtain steps to make sure involvement of women in MGNREGA to 55%. The government proposes to total 1 crore houses for those lacking homes. It will distribute Rs 19000 crore for Pradhan mantri gram sadak yojana in 2017-18.

For Youth:

The govt. will start a plan of measuring yearly experience result and emerge with a development fund for resulting education. Colleges will be identified depend on accreditation. The courses on a few foreign languages will be introduced. Concentrate will be on 3,479 educational backward blocks. It will take much time to extend 5000PG seats per annum. Skill India mission was opened to increase the prospective.

For the poor and underprivileged health care:

Under a nationwide system for expecting women, Rs 6000 will be transferred to each person. Removal of tuberculosis by 2025 besieged. Two AIIMs will be placed in Jharkhand and Gujarat. It gives schedule castes Rs 52, 393 crore. Aadhar based smart cards will be launched to senior society to watch health. Rs 500 crore gives for the Mahilla  shakti kendras. The health sub centers counting 1.5 lakh will be changed into health wellness spots.

Infrastructure and railways:

Total money allocation for railways is Rs 131000crore. Unmanned rank crossings will be removed by 2020. SMS depends on clean my coach job. By 2019 all trains must have bio-toilets. New metro rail rule will be announced with latest modes of economic. Elevated pace of internet should be given to 150000 gram panchayats. Railways will present competitive ticket booking facility.

Energy sector:

Rs 1.26 000 crore established as energy manufacture based asset. A deliberate rule for crude coffers will be placed. Trade infra sell abroad system will be established 2017-18. 

Financial sector:

Shares of railways PSF same as IRCTC will be planned on store exchanges. Computer tragedy reply team for economic sector will be made. Bill on ruling of monetary firms will be told in this sitting of Parliament. Negotiable Instruments ACT force is amended. DBT to LPG customer, Chandigarh is kerosene free, 84 govt. systems are on the DBT field. FDI policy reforms higher than 90% of FDI inflows are currently computerized.

Funding of political parties:

Political parties will be permitted to get an aid by cheque or digital mode of transaction from donors. A modification is being decided to the RBI act to permit issuance of electoral bonds. They can be redeemed simply by registered political groups. The greatest amount of cash involvement for a political group is vital.

Tax proposal:

Out of 13.14 lakh counted companies only 5.97 lakh firms have filed income for 2016-17. India’s tax to GDP ratio is not approving. The amount of direct tax to indirect tax isn’t best possible. Investment era for long term assets increase lowered to 2 years. 1.95 crore person showed profits between Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 5 lakh. The offer hold forward just for 15 years. The Income tax act to be amended to make sure that no business above Rs 3 lakh is allowable in money. Remaining tax gathering of 2013-14 was Rs 11.38 lakh crore. The govt. proposes to reduce essential customs job for LNG to 2.5% from 5%. 

Personal income tax:

Accessible fee of tax for persons between Rs 2.5 –Rs 5 lakh is compact to 5% from 10%. Just one page should go back for people with yearly profits of Rs 5 lakh other than business revenue. Every additional category of tax payers in following brackets will get a advantage of Rs 12500. People satisfying I-T returns for the primary time will not come under any govt. inspection.

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