Apply Puducherry’s Financial Aid Scheme

Apply Puducherry’s Financial Aid Scheme 2017

The Puducherry state government recently increased the benefit amount given under the scheme of financial aid to the state’s BPL (Below Poverty Line) families across the state. By doing so, many poor people’s lives would be saved. In the country like India, where majority of the citizens are poor who are fighting hard to enjoy the basic utilities which are essential for the common man to live.

This is a new service supported by the Medical Relief Society. This organization was established to support those under the poverty line. It is to help people get the funds needed for handling substantial medical needs.

What is Financial Aid Scheme for BPL in Puducherry?

The Financial Aid scheme in Puducherry was introduced with the motive of providing financial assistance for the poor people who are not able to fund themselves for treating their diseases. Under this scheme the eligible people will be identified according to the annual incomes of their families.

Highlights and benefits of the scheme

  • The scheme provide essential finance to the needed people who are only from the BPL families, which is the families total income should be below Rs.1.5 lakh. Also, the respective person should not own any kind of property and other assets under his or her name.
  • Up to the last month of the past year 2016, the scheme offers financial assistances up to Rs. 2 lakh for the needed people from BPL category who suffers with the life threatening diseases.
  • In order to get assistance from the state government, the respective patient must be treated in the specialized medical centre which is already approved by the government.

Financial Aid Scheme – 2017 in Puducherry

The newly proposed scheme for providing financial support for the BPL families during their hard times in terms of medical condition has been increased to certain limits. With compared with the last year’s limits the newly proposed scheme in this New Year 2017 has been increased to Rs. 50 thousand, with this increased amount the eligible BPL families would be able to get about Rs. 2.5 L from the state government for their treatments.

It is unclear as to what may be handled in the event that the medical expenses that a person holds go beyond Rs. 2.5 lakh. Additional reviews of the patient may be required to determine what added services may be provided. Some services may be limited due to the expenses associated with them and how the scheme is designed to cover a larger number of people in the process.

Who Is Eligible?

There are a few eligibility points for the scheme:

  • The patient’s annual income must be less than Rs. 1.5 lakh. For families where all people combine to each less than that total all people in the family will receive full coverage.
  • The illnesses that people are experiencing will have to be reviewed. Those who are suffering from significant life-threatening illnesses will be treated first. Proper exams are needed to determine if a person could be at a serious risk of harm in the event that treatment is not available or provided.
  • A person must be a permanent resident of Puducherry to qualify. The person must also qualify under Puducherry Financial Aid Scheme 2017 to actually be eligible to use the scheme.

More people are being supported by the scheme as the income threshold has been adjusted. The original limit in terms of what a person can earn in a year was originally Rs. 75,000. The total has been doubled to Rs. 1.5 lakh, thus adding a good number of people who are eligible. The terms associated with this campaign should be reviewed by all those aiming to sign up for the program.

How to apply for this scheme?

  • The eligible patients who are about to apply for availing the financial assistance providing by the state government of Pondi should carry the medical diagnosis report which must be provided by the government hospitals.
  • Afterward the patients needs to collect the appropriate application from the relevant authorities and supposed to submit their application after filling them with needed details along with the proof of being in BPL category.  All necessary applications should be available at the treatment facilities that people want to utilize.
  • Depending upon the government officials review the application form submitted by the respective patients will be either will get approved or be rejected. However, the verification time might get little longer as it involves many protocols to follow.

The scheme will help more poor residents around the state. Those who may qualify are encouraged to sign up for it as soon as possible so they may qualify for the scheme and use the funding that has been provided to them.

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