National testing system for all entrance exam budget 2017

National testing system for all entrance exam budget 2017

In the recent Union Budget 2017, the Hon’ble Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley made an important announcement regarding the generalization of all the entrance exams across the country. As per Mr. Jaitley, there should be a centralized agency which will entrance exams across all the educational institutions across India. This agency will conduct entrance tests for the educational institutions, just like the CBSE and AICTE works. This initiative by the Indian Govt. will bring major reforms in the educational sector and will help in regulating the free hand of several universities and institutions while taking admissions and will help in improve the quality of education.

National testing system for all entrance exam budget 2017

Advantages of introduction of National Testing Agency (NTA) in India:

  • All the separate entrance tests across the centre as well as the individual states like the NET, JEE, etc. will get dissolved and a central agency will administer all the entrance examinations under one single roof.
  • The autonomous agencies like CBSE, ICSE or the AICTE will also work under the module of the NTA, thus bringing generalization in level and quality of education.
  • Presently, the state examinations which are participated by the state candidates mostly. With a national agency regulating all the entrance examinations across the country, be it engineering, law, medical or academic courses, the students can compete on a national level and will get fair chance.
  • The quality of participation to the entrance tests will become better this upgrading the quality of education in the country and bringing the best out of the candidates.
  • The UCG which is the regulator of the higher education courses will be given more autonomy to perform to its full potential.
  • Private agencies operating autonomously on conducting their entrance examinations independently will have to fall in the same line and will have to admit their candidates from the national test.

Introduction of Online educational courses and innovative funds

Through the introduction of the national level agency to conduct all examinations and administer the academic courses, the Govt. will provide stress in introduction of online mode of educational courses for students. Through this initiative, students will be able to gather study materials online and will help in increasing the quality of learning among them. A free online education platform will be launched by the name of Swayam which will cater the needs of all the students with its online courses. The students will be able to access more that 150 online courses through this Swayam platform. To help those sectors of the country which are backward in terms of level of education, a separate fund called the innovation fund will be introduced by the central govt.

The IITs not willing to join hands

However, the IITs which are the premier institutions for engineering courses in the country are not willing to join hands with the centre for the national based entrance test. IITs conduct their own entrance test named IIT-JEE and selects students as per their rankings. The inclusion in NTA may hamper their quality of intake of candidates as per IIT levels.

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