Sewa Kendras started in Punjab

Sewa Kendras started in Punjab

In the month of August 2016 the government of Punjab inaugurated the first Sewa Kendra in the state with an objective of providing efficient governance to the people of the state. So far, 2100 Sewa Kendras have been activated in the state as of now.

Sewa Kendras started in Punjab

The state government which implemented the Sewa kendras Punjab
When did Sewa Kendra was Introduced in Punjab 2016 of May
Number of Sewa Kendras currently active in State 2100
Estimated amount invested for this sewa kendras until now Rs. 200 Crore

The Sewa Kendra has been constructed across the rural and urban area of the state so that it could benefit all the residents of Punjab. This scheme would provide all the basic administrative services to the people of the state so that it could be done in a speedy and more convenient manner. Until now 2100 Sewa Kendra have been constructed and activated however, a total of 2147 Sewa Kendra have been constructed.

Functions of the Sewa Kendras

  • The Sewa Kendra is supposed to deliver around 243 services that would involve all the basic and regular administrative works. This has been done in order to make the system more efficient and make it easier for the public as well.
  • The Sewa Kendras will provides services like issuing birth certificates, death certificates, Aadhar card, etc. The Sewa Kendra will offer all the services that a more popularly known CSC (common service center) provides.
  • Currently the Sewa Kendra are providing 76 services to the citizens of the state and the number of services will soon increase in number. The Sewa Kendra will be providing more than 200 CSC services across the state.

With the help of these service centers the government of Punjab is trying to make the government services easily available to the people of the state. The motive here is to relieve people from visiting different government offices and meeting different government officers for availing different services. The Sewa Kendra will bring all the services under one roof so that the people of the state find it more convenient in making use of the different government services.

The government of Punjab has invested around Rs.200 crore in the construction and activation of the Sewa Kendras in the state. These service centers will provide the basic IT infrastructure facilities to the people of the state and make the administrative work easier for the government departments and also for the common people. One could just visit one of these closest Sewa Kendras to avail the different services instead of going to different government department for getting a work done which decreases the interference of middle man.

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