Samajwadi Ambulance Swasthya Sewa

Samajwadi Ambulance Swasthya Sewa

There are many places in the country that do not have proper medical facility that includes a ambulance service. But healthcare facility is one of the most important facilities for any state or region and keeping this factor in mind the Samajwadi Ambulance Swasthya Sewa Yojana was launched.

S.No Facts Need to be Known about Samajwadi Ambulance Swasthya Sewa Detailed Information
1 Name of the initiative Samajwadi Ambulance Swasthya Sewa
2 Launched by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav
3 Initiative objective Provide free ambulance service to the people of state
4 Implemented over The state of Uttar Pradesh
5 Scheme Launched on 14th September of 2012
6 Scheme Started under the guidelines of National Rural Health Mission (NRHM)

Objective of the Swasthya Sewa Yojana

The Uttar Pradesh government launched this Yojana so that people of the state do not have any problem in getting or availing ambulance services in the time of emergency. A lot of instances were seen in the state due to lack of ambulance service patients failed to reach hospitals on time. So to get rid of this problem the Swasthya Sewa Yojana was started where the emergency health care transport services was inaugurated. This is an emergency ambulance service that is available free of cost to the people of Uttar Pradesh.

This is an initiative by the Chief Minister of the state to provide better services to the people of the state.

Important features of this ambulance service

Here are some important features of the ambulance that runs under this initiative-

  • Under this Yojana the people of Uttar Pradesh will be provided 24 hours free medical care ambulance service which can be availed during emergency situations.
  • A unique toll free number has been inaugurated under this scheme that is 108. So anyone who wants to avail the emergency medical care ambulance can call 108, and the ambulance will be at the spot within 20 minutes. A special team has been made to receive the calls and report to the ambulances which will be moving in Uttar Pradesh.
  • A special call center has been launched where 100 people have been appointed to receive calls from the people who require emergency ambulance service. This will be active for 24 hours in a day.
  • So under this initiative it has been promised that the ambulances will reach the spot within 20 minutes after they have been contacted through the emergency number.
  • The ambulances that are running under this Yojana are enabled with all the basic medical aid facilities so that the patient can receive medical aid while reaching the hospital. The ambulances will have the first aid equipments and medicines.
  • The service is available for patients who suffer from burns, sudden heart attacks, road accidents, for pregnant ladies and all other medial emergency situations.
  • Under this initiative around 133 ambulances have been launched in the first phase of the scheme. These are fully equipped and have been appointed with responsible ambulance drivers. In this phase the ambulances have been installed in 13 districts of the state that includes Manipuri, Etawah, Lucknow, Saharanpur, Rampur, Kannauj, Moradabad, Muzaffarnagar, Baghpat, Shamli, Meerut, Sambhal, and Ambedkarnagar.
  • Later a lot more ambulances were launched in the state of Uttar Pradesh under this initiative.
  • People from these 13 districts can avail the ambulance service by just dialing 108.
  • Moreover the government of Uttar Pradesh has also launched 30 primary and community health centers which consists of all the advanced medial tools and equipments in order to cure various diseases.

The initiative was launched in the 2012 and since then a lot of necessary steps regarding the provision of medical facilities to the people of Uttar Pradesh has been taken. The idea of this government of Uttar Pradesh is to provide high quality and quick medical services to the residents of Uttar Pradesh so that they find no difficulty when it comes to health care. It has been reported that from the time of this scheme launch, till now, more than 48 lakh patients have received help from this service.

Practical Difficulties faced by State Government

The initiative by the Uttar Pradesh government has faced some problem relating to the branding of the ambulances with the central government. Apart from this the initiative also faced problem as the state government did not have sufficient funds for buying and making the ambulances fully equipped under this scheme.

But then it is a true fact that this initiative from the state government of Uttar Pradesh has helped a lot of families and patients of the state. Having such a medical care services is surely a blessing as it helps a lot during the time of emergency. Before the launch of this initiative people of Uttar Pradesh found it very difficult in finding an ambulance service on time, and this lead to the loss of lives. But since the year 2012 this problem has been solved and people of Uttar Pradesh just need to dial 108 to get an ambulance at their door step with the next 20 minutes.

Specialty of this Samajwadi Ambulance Swasthya Sewa

It’s not an easy to provide such quality Ambulance service at the free of cost, the respective staffs and authority officers are working tirelessly in order to provide better services to the state people, particularly those poor who mainly avail this free ambulance service.

Some of the highlights and specialty of this  Samajwadi Ambulance Swasthya Sewa which is launched in the state of Uttar Pradesh ·         It is the largest emergency ambulance services which is currently active successfully in the Nation

·         Government guarantees patients of getting free ambulance service within 20 minutes from the emergency call

·         Around 1972 ambulance vehicles are in operative under this free service offered by the state government

·         It is roughly estimated that around 48 Lakh state resident gained benefited under this free ambulance scheme

·         Also with 102 free ambulance free service launched in the UP state around 45 Lakhs pregnant women and kids availed the benefits from it.



Offering such essential emergency service to the state resident is highly welcomed by the people. Though, the scheme undergoes some severe critics in early state the respective authorities make this emergency free ambulance scheme as a successful one.

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