Mukhya Mantri Saksham Balika Yojana in Rajasthan

Mukhya Mantri Saksham Balika Yojana in Rajasthan

It is a common fact that despite the tremendous progresses made by India in the recent decades and years, female infanticide still continues to grow, particularly in the rural areas. The law enforcement of gender determination of the unborn fetus is declared as strictly punishable. However that does not stop this heinous crime of killing baby girls and that too in a country which reveres goddesses, particularly in the state of Rajasthan. In order to reduce such crime rates, the state government of the Rajasthan taking some serious steps to empower the Rajasthan women by launching several welfare schemes and plans.

Mukhya Mantri Saksham Balika Yojana in Rajasthan

Reasons for awareness

In particular states like Rajasthan, the crimes committed are far more in comparison. Remember the famous lady Roop Kanwar who was burnt to death on her husband’s funeral pyre and is considered to be a legend? However, the situation needs to improve for the girl child to survive, grow up, become educated and serve the society. This is why Mukhya Mantri Saksham Balika Yojana in this state will make a lot of difference to the underprivileged young women and make a world of difference to them.

This government policy will make the young women of the state feel more confident and aware by providing them with self protection strategies from a very young age. It has become a necessity for the young women everywhere to learn self defense strategies with crime against women happening all over the country. It will also make the men more respectful of their female counterparts and enable young girls to protect their own honor, without any help from anyone. It has also become compulsory in many schools to learn the self defense techniques under this much admired and appreciated government policy.

Introduction and complete details

As is a known fact, the condition of the women in Rajasthan remains pretty deplorable, financially and in all other aspects. So in order to uplift the dignity of the modern woman, the Mukhya Mantri Saksham Balika Yojana (MMSBY) was introduced by the chief minister of Rajasthan. Launching this invaluable government scheme on international women’s day of 8th March 2016 proves to be landmark in the lives of these ladies to become confident, educated and self reliant.

Many times when a baby girl is born into a family, she is considered to be a farce for she will need to get married of whereas a boy child will become the earning member of the family. However, things are rapidly changing with the introduction of this government scheme. The baby girl is protected right from birth and has to be given a proper education as is her right.

Budget and privileges

An annual budget of ninety nine and six ninety three crore rupees was chalked out for this government scheme by the Chief Minister of Rajasthan.  Economic help and scholarships are provided to the young girls from the not so well off families so that they can complete their education. A proper degree is always helpful for acquiring a job and these days, it is very important for a woman to become financially independent. This is the reason such hard cut measures are being taken to educate the girls and make them efficient enough to run their own lives.

For a very long time, the women of scheduled tribes and castes have been unable to implement their constitutional rights. But this policy introduced for the betterment of the women is slowly making a major difference. Very soon Rajasthan state would be the role model for all others after success of this scheme.

Key factors about the scheme

  1. The Empowerment of women: This scheme strives to train around 1.5 school girls in self defense strategies from a very young age. The crimes being committed against women are increasing every time so it is very important to make them well equipped enough to protect themselves. Before the introduction of this policy, many women did not have the basic privileges.
  2. Objectives: The girls will become more confident and able to grapple with any situations, if they are physically well trained and amply educated. The social mindset should be made aware that it absolutely wrong to take advantage of the girl child.
  3. Salient features: With the proper implementation of the scheme, our country will definitely become safer for women. Once the women are confident and show that they can protect themselves, it going to be a major boost for India to proceed in leaps and bounds.

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