Gunegar Dattak Yojana Maharashtra

Gunegar Dattak Yojana Maharashtra 2019-20

In order to control the increasing crime rate, the Nagpur city cops have decided to re-launch a scheme called ‘gunegar dattak yojana’ or criminal adoption scheme. Of late the city is experiencing a high rate of crime; for example, in May, 2019 Nagpur police has recorded 44 murders. And if you go back to the same period of 2018,  the city police had recorded 31 murders. Besides that, the crime branch also recorded 26 attempts to murder cases. As soon as the scheme is implemented the city cops tracked down 1043 offenders with deadly weapons.

Objectives of the scheme

  • The crime branch of Nagpur police does not want to leave a stone unturned before the assembly election, and this is the reason they are trying to reduce the crime rate in the city.
  • The Additional CP of Nagpur Police said that the aim of the scheme is to impede the criminals to reach to their source of income that is extortion and kidnapping.

Features of the scheme

  • Under the scheme 106 constables are appointed to keep the records of the offenders with name and, others details.
  • The constables are asked to stay vigil regarding the crime rate. In order to do that, each constable is appointed to investigate about 10 criminals, and they need to update the report of their movement to the higher authority.

How effective the scheme is?

According to the Additional CP, Crime Branch, Nagpur Police, Nilesh Bharne, the newly launched ‘dattak yojana’ is working besides the chasing the ‘Top 10 wanted’ criminals. He said that recently the city police caught of the most wanted goons, Naushad Khan and Sumeet Chintalwar. They used to work with Ippa gang, and Maya gang respectively. They are attributing their success to the newly launched scheme.

Due to the scheme the city police department is able to get all the important information regarding the criminals and through that they are expecting to reach to the source of the gang. According to the report police had arrested three main gangsters, and among them two got bail. The third one has completed his terms in prison, but police has came to know that they belong to three different anti-social gangs.

According to the information, one of the there is collaborating with a politician for the upcoming assembly election. The sources are saying the same politician had put him in prison on a kidnapping and murder case. Now the politician’s future is depending on the criminal-turned-politician. There are several gangsters who are working for the politicians I both urban and rural areas.

According to the investigation, the leading party is enjoying the support of the gangsters. This is not a new phenomenon as all the parties take help of the gangsters and hooligans. Especially during the time of election, the parties require their presence as they provide immense man power. The scheme is believed to b helpful to track down all the gangsters so that election can take place without any causality.

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