Saksham Yuva Scheme in Haryana to Help Unemployed Youth In the State

Saksham Yuva Scheme in Haryana to Help Unemployed Youth In the State @rs 9000 per month

The Haryana state government has set up a new rule for its upcoming Saksham Yuva scheme. Starting on 1st April 2017, unemployed graduates will be eligible to participate in the scheme. This decision was made during recent meetings about the scheme with the Chief Minister. The plan is to improve upon how well unemployed youth will be able to get assistance for finding jobs.

Saksham Yuva Scheme in Haryana to Help Unemployed Youth In the State

At the moment, only post-graduate youths who are employed can get access to the scheme. The breadth of the scheme will expand in a few weeks.

This scheme will help students with finding jobs. This is for students in a variety of fields and will help them with getting the most out of any kind of job that they might be looking forward to. It is also to assist them in getting more help for finding jobs without having to spend more time with finding jobs in places that they might not have much luck in.

What the Scheme Entails

The Saksham Yuva scheme entails providing unemployed youth with help for finding employment. A sum total of Rs. 9,000 is provided per month to those who qualify. Meanwhile, Rs. 3,000 is offered as an unemployment allowance in lieu of working for 100 hours.

As this works, the state government will get the unemployed youth into various jobs as they can find many positions available through the government. These will work for many fields including ones relating to the segments that the students are currently studying.

A little less than ten thousand unemployed youth have registered for the scheme. They have been doing so through the official site for it at About 1,300 of those who applied have for it have worked in many jobs as a part of the scheme. These include jobs in various fields of their choosing. The efforts of the scheme are helping to get people to find employment in many ways.

Who Can Apply?

The standards for applying for the scheme are rather limited:

  • A student must come from a household where the total annual income earned in the family is less than Rs. 3 lakh. This is to ensure that those that certainly require help in some manner will receive it.
  • Applicants must not be working with any kind of public or private sector company. This is to see that the applicants will receive job opportunities from the government as the program was designed to offer.
  • Permanent residents of the state of Haryana are eligible. These include residents of urban and rural areas who have been living in the area for an extended period of time and plan on staying there for longer.
  • Students who have completed their graduations and post-graduations form various schools in the region will be eligible. These include students from the University of Delhi, Chandigarh and other schools recognized within the state.
  • An age limit of 35 years has been added to the scheme as well. This limit means that those who are older who have completed university later than average will not be eligible for the program due to an added potential to earn money on one’s account.

These limits are designed to ensure that those who apply for help are legitimately looking for it. It is also to see that people who want to get help are not at a risk of asking for more than needed. Students will have to review all requirements carefully to see if they can actually use the scheme for their needs.

What Work Options Are There?

There are multiple work options available for students to take part in. These include the options of survey work, marketing, coaching, remedial support and agricultural jobs. These are designed in different categories to cater to more people who might be interested in these fields. This will especially help people with finding ways to enjoy more work and to benefit.

How Are Students Notified?

Students who are interested in participating in certain fields will be notified of their approval through proper messages. They may be notified by SMS or by email about openings that they can fill. This is to help them get access to work sooner and to let them know about whatever might be of value to them.

Applying For the Scheme

Those interested in taking part in the scheme can sign up for it by going online. The website for the scheme can be found at The website has details on how the scheme is run and what people can do when applying for it.

By offering the scheme, students who have graduated will have an easier time with finding jobs. This especially comes as many graduates are uncertain as to how they can find employment.

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