Kerala Saranya Loan Scheme

Kerala Saranya Loan Scheme – Self Employment Scheme for Destitute Women Application Form Process Download Eligibility Criteria (

The state government of Kerala has announced to launch the new Saranya Scheme. Under the new scheme the government will be offering with employment benefits for women who need employment. The government has stated that the employment facility will be offered to the needy women for their benefit and upliftment. The benefit can be availed by destitute and needy women who are coming from Schedule Tribes in the state.

Launch details

As per the state government, the benefit will be offered to the destitute women and unemployed women via online website of offline. The needy candidates can directly get assistance via official website at The facility for downloading Saranya Scheme Application has been provided online on official website as PDF format.

Key features

  • As per the state government the above mentioned scheme is a type of self employment scheme for women of the state belonging to Schedule tribe category.
  • The new scheme will be helpful for encouraging more women to get self employed within the state for their upliftment. Under this scheme, windows, divorced, illiterate, segregated and backward class women will be able to get its benefit.
  • Loan amount – The government has also mentioned that under this particular scheme the women of legal age will be offered with benefit to apply for loan facility of Rs 50,000 so they can get self employed and set up their own business.
  • The loan amount will be offered to the beneficiaries via nationalized banks on interest free conditions. The state government has mentioned that 50 percent of the loan amounting to Rs 25,000 will be disbursed by the government to the beneficiaries in the form of subsidy.
  • Subsidy – The subsidy offered to the women will be directly disbursed by State’s Employment department. Apart from this, the government has also mentioned that it shall offer with 60 installments to the beneficiaries for repayment of the loan amount.
  • The benefit can be taken by women who want to get established as individual entrepreneurs or in group with others for business at the start up level.
  • The moment loan is applied for joint venture then the benefit can be availed by each woman individually. Under the same subsidy would also be offered individually to each woman.

Application Form Download process

Interested candidates are free to get registered under the “Saranya Loan Scheme” online via the official web portal service provided by government. The online application can easily be downloaded from the web portal which has to be filled in by the applicants individually. The government has also provided with provision for making submission of the application forms along with all other documents and project reports at the village office.

  • To down load the application form online you just have to visit the official website at The application form is available as PDF format and you need to download and take a printout of it to fill it manually.
  • You can directly download the application form online by visiting the link at from the web portal.
  • Once you have made the selection you shall be redirected towards the application form. All details are mandatory to be filed in by the candidates before submitting the form.
  • The duly filled in form has to be submitted at the village office for approval by the officer at village or district level. Once all details have been verified by respective authority then all other supporting documents would be required for submission. The District Employment Exchange will verify and approve the documents.

Eligibility Criteria

The benefit under this scheme would be offered to women of the state who belonging to Schedule Tribes. The benefit will be availed to state Widows, Unwedded mothers, Spinsters, Divorced women and unemployed women. The government has also stated that the beneficiary should be between 18 to 55 years of age. The age criteria are not valid for spinsters.

Widows As per the government norms, any women who is single (has lost her husband) at the time of applying under the scheme is eligible. The women should be unmarried for making registration under the scheme. The women have to present the copy of her certification from time to time to Municipal authorities, govt. Chairman, Gram Panchayat – President or Village president.
Divorcee Any woman who was married and has been left by her husband under the approval from court flaw is eligible to apply for loan. To get the benefit the women should officially have been divorced by her husband and should have been unmarried or single. The certification has to be provided by legal authorities at district or village level.
Deserted Women Any women whose husband has left them for last 7 years or more are also eligible to apply under this scheme. To get the claim the women has to obtain certificate by the local authorities / Teshildars of the village or Gram Panchayat proving that she is still single.
Spinsters Any women who is minimum of 30 years of age and is still single is also eligible to apply under this scheme after submission of the valid certificate from Village Officer.
Unmarried mother Any girl or women who is not married but is mother to a child is also eligible to get registered under this scheme. The candidate should belong to the ST category and has to submit the certificate obtained from local authorities, Village Officer etc. To obtain the benefit the annual household income of such women should be below Rs 1 lakh annually.

Candidates can also get familiar with the guidelines by directly visiting the link at

Process of Application submission

Once the application has been obtained by the candidate in PDF format from official website the candidate will have to make manual submission of the application at DEO (District Employment Office).

The submission has to be made for loan approval by the District Committee that is chaired by the District Collector. Once the loan amount has been approved a demand draft will be disbursed directly by the authorities to the beneficiary bank account. The draft will be forwarded by the Employment Department.

The state government has ensured that Director (Employment Department) shall be responsible for regulating an implementing the scheme state wide. The DEO will monitor the entire process of implementation of the scheme along with the coordination of Employment exchanges with the state and district / Town.

The government will also initiate the revenue collection department for recovery of the loan amount of time from the beneficiaries and to take all necessary action in case of failure to repay back. The beneficiaries will not be able to use the loan amount for any other purpose or else the project will be fortified.

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