Odisha Malati Devi Prak Vidyalaya Paridhan Yojana 2022

Odisha Malati Devi Prak Vidyalaya Paridhan Yojana 2022 – Uniforms to Pre-School Children in AWCs

The Odisha Malati Devi Prak Vidyalaya Paridhan Yojana has been started by the Odisha government for the benefit of the kids who are belonging to the financially weaker sections of the society. As they are part of the Anganwadi centers, they will be assisted by the state government. As they belong to poor families, the parents are unable to buy school uniforms failing which they are discouraged to go to school. The following part shall take you through other relevant details pertaining to the above-said scheme.  

Odisha Malati Devi Prak Vidyalaya Paridhan Yojana

Overview of the scheme


Malati Devi Prak Vidyalaya Paridhan

Launched by

CM Naveen Patnaik

Launched in


Target group

Children belonging to Anganwadi centers

Total beneficiaries

14.83 lakh of school students

Launch details

2nd October 2020


Offer two sets of school uniforms to families of kids belonging to financially weak sections

Key features of the scheme –

· the Main idea behind scheme launch –Offer two sets of school uniforms for free to the kids of Anganwadi centers

·        Target group under the scheme –Kids belonging to financially weaker sections of the society

·        Number of students already benefitted –A total of 14.83 lakhs of kids from 61, 040 AWCs are the target beneficiaries of the scheme

·        Color of uniform –The students will be given blue color pants with pink shirts as school uniforms

·        Total number of SHGs involved – A total of 1344 SHGs are involved in stitching the school uniforms for the children and offering them to 61, 040 AWCs

Therefore, the successful launch of the scheme will motivate students to enroll in school and complete their primary education.

Benefits under Malati Devi Prak Vidyalaya Paridhan Yojana –

·        It helps reduce the chance of bullying in school

·        It helps maintain a fair dress code

·        It removes peer pressure

·        It reduces distraction

·        It creates cohesion among kids 

·        It helps maintain study ethic

·        Help students to face the outside world better

·        It encourages professionalism

·        Enhances better safety of women

·        Helps focus on character

·        It is easier for poor parents to have uniforms for kids

However, the PRI members, Public representatives of the state, parents or grandparents of the kids, master or mistress of the school, members of Jaanch committees attended the program conducted by AWC to promote the scheme better and help them parents’ understand the usefulness of offering school uniform. This is a way to encourage the parents to send their wards to school despite economic instability in their homes.  

Eligibility Criteria –

·        Residential details–As the scheme has been launched in Odisha, only the kids of the state are eligible to avail of the scheme

·        Educational details – The applicants’ parents need to produce suitable documents to justify that their kids are studying under the assistance of Anganwadi centers and they are eligible for the scheme benefits

·        Identification – The kids’ parents should produce suitable identification details and it will be scrutinized by higher authorities before they are considered eligible for the scheme

·        Annual income details –Based on the annual income details of the parents, the kids will be offered free school uniforms under the scheme

List of documents required

·        Income certificate –The candidates should produce an annual income certificate for registration under the scheme to justify their eligibility for the scheme 

·        Education documents – The kids’ parents should furnish suitable documents supporting that they belong to Anganwadi centers.

·        Identification proof –It is important to produce identification details like Aadhaar card, ration card or equivalent for scrutiny and registration  

·        Residential proof –Proper domicile certificate should be given that justifies the kids as the permanent residents of the state 

So, as the parents are not able to purchase a new school uniform for the kids, the scheme benefits shall encourage the kids to wear the uniform and join the classes under Anganwadi centers. It will motivate the parents to enroll more kids in the schools and help them study.

Details of online procedure of registration

As this is a newly launched scheme in Odisha, the details of the online procedure of the scheme are yet to be launched by the state government. The information will be updated in the official portal of the scheme and the beneficiaries will get to know from the same. It is advised to keep a watch on the official portal to get information at the earliest. 

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