Kerala Work Near Home Scheme 2022

Kerala Work Near Home Scheme 2022 – Proper Working Facilities to Employees Near Their Houses

The Kerala government is expected to introduce a new Job Close Home Scheme 2020 for its employees. The Kerala Work Near Home Scheme would provide proper work facilities for all employees near their homes. Under this arrangement govt. Consider arrangements close to the office at the employee house closest to the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19). It will have workplace facilities in various IT and non-IT enterprises. To arrange Kerala Job Near Home house, all the abandoned buildings and hotels will be acquired. Such centers would be facilitated to allow multiple firms to operate and employees to work. Around 80-100 Work Near Home centers will be converted to corporate and municipal limits in the first phase of the project.

Work near home scheme

In the next phase of this Scheme, the resorts and houseboats will be taken over to convert as Work Near Home Centers.

  • Governance govt. Campaign moving to Kerala had already begun, in which IT parks started a survey.
  • That survey was conducted in order to know employees and companies’ opinions on the Work Near Home Scheme.
  • The government will prepare a detailed project once the appropriate buildings have been selected and the interior of each building would be similar.
  • The interior of the buildings will be planned according to a plan drawn up by India’s Institute of Interior Design.
  • The buildings that are to be built under Kerala Work From Home Scheme would have an area of at least 5000 square feet.


  • A notice shall be given within 2 weeks for the tender to acquire buildings in Kerala.
  • The Work Near Home facility is expected to come into force as from October 2020.
  • With this initiative, employees would be able to work amid the Coronavirus outbreak at the nearest place to their home.

Significance of the Work Near Scheme

  • Since the COVID-19 vaccine is not yet ready and the state government must somehow enforce social distancing.
  • When Work Near Home Scheme starts in Kerala. Employees will operate near their home town, so they won’t have to drive further away by a public transport to avoid infection.
  • •   As the spread of the Coronavirus continues in Kerala, the state government turned its attention towards Work From Home but now with ease in constraints, Work Near Home is the Government’s next major step.
  • There are many companies that have expressed their interest in becoming a part of the Kerala’s Work Near Home Scheme. 
  • Compared with IT park rentals in Kerala, these centers can currently be purchased at low cost.
  • The state government stated that it expects the project to be a big success. After observing issues including power failure and slow network connection faced by the employees working from home, Work Near Home is perfect and will increase efficiency

Kerala’s Fibre Optic Network is Expected to Solve the Internet Issue by December

  • As of December 2020, K-Fon Internet project will be commissioned in the State.
  • With this Kerala Fibre Optic Network project, several network related issues that will motivate the IT sector in Kerala would be resolved.
  • Many companies have currently been shortlisted to occupy space in The parks.
  • Various small businesses would benefit from Kerala Work Near Home Scheme among those companies.
  • In the 1st phase, they could use this facility and later occupy space in the IT parks.
  • Several non-IT companies are reported to have expressed interest in the Work Near Home facility, too.