Mukhyamantri Krushi Udyog Yojana in Odisha 2019-20

Mukhyamantri Krushi Udyog Yojana in Odisha 2019-20 [Eligibility, List, Registration Form Online Download, How to apply]

The Odisha government has taken several initiatives to ensure that the agricultural sector flourishes. For this, it has not only launched several financial assistance schemes but has also ensures that the farmers get the security they need. One such scheme that offers loan to the farmers and other agro-based business owners is the Mukhyamantri Krushi Udyog Yojana. Under this project, applicants must deposit a security amount and then they can receive a loan from the state government. If you want to know more about the scheme, its features, eligibility, documents necessary and the application procedure, then read this article.

Mukhya Mantri Krushi Udyog Yojana in Odisha

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the scheme Mukhyamantri Krushi Udyog Yojana
Launched in Odisha
Launched by Naveen Patnaik
Date of announcement 2018 – 2019
Official launch date 2018
Target beneficiaries Farmers and agro-based workets
Supervised by Agricultural Promotion and Investment Corporation of Odisha Limited
Helpline numbers 91-7438998795; 91-7205020406

Key features of the scheme

  1. Development of agriculture – The scheme has been implemented for the holistic development of the agro-industries in the entire state. Thus, farmers and animal husbandry owners can apply for this financial assistance.
  2. For farmers and agro-industries – The scheme is open for farmers as well as those business owners, who are directly associated with any type of agro-industry.
  3. Amount of subsidy – The beneficiaries, registered under this developmental project will be entitled to attain as much as Rs. 50 lakhs as subsidy sum from the state government.
  4. Subsidy from the state – In case the educated youngsters want to start their own venture that is related to the agro-industry, they will attain a subsidy from the Odisha government. It will offer encouragement and speedy development in agriculture, fish industry, and animal husbandry.
  5. Industry management – The Agricultural Promotion and Investment Corporation of Odisha Limited, along with the experts of NIC will take the necessary steps to ensure that the implementation is done correctly. It will offer the desired results by the end of the timeline.
  6. Speedy implementation – The state has set a deadline for the implementation of this scheme. The primary aim behind this is to assist the beneficiaries in doubling their financial income by the end of 2020.
  7. Security deposit – It is necessary that the interested applicants keep a certain amount with the state authority. The amount is Rs. 10,000, and it will act as security money. The applicant is entitled to receive this money back in this bank account.
  8. Bank account based money transfer – It has been stated in the scheme details that the money that the applicants pay, and the subsidy they will get from Odisha government will be done via the bank accounts. It offers transparency and smooth transactions.

Eligibility for application

  1. Resident of Odisha – If the applicant is not a legal and permanent resident of this state, then his/her registration request will not be considered by the state government.
  2. Agro-industry owners – The agro-industry owners, with a registered business will be able to attain the benefits of this financial assistance or subsidy scheme.
  3. Annual income criterion – The income of the agro-industry owner must be at least Rs. 2 lakhs every year. If not, then he/she will not be able to attain the benefits of the Mukhya Mantri Krushi Udyog Yojana.
  4. Capital Investment Subsidy beneficiaries – In case the interested candidate has applied and attained the Capital Investment Subsidy before, then he/she can apply for this scheme after at least 5 years of the previous application.
  5. Academic qualification – This scheme has an academic requisite. Only educated applicants, with a graduation degree or above can successfully apply and receive the perks.

Documents necessary for application

  1. Residential documents – When applying for this scheme, every applicant need to submit a copy of his/her residential document. It will highlight that the person is a permanent citizen of this region.
  2. Aadhar card of the applicant – It is mandatory for the interested applicant to offer a copy of his/her Aadhar card. This ID pass contains all details of the applicant, which will be necessary for background checks.
  3. Land registration papers – If the applicant owns the land on which he/she wants to set up the agro-industry, then the land registration documents must be furnished.
  4. Lease documents – The state government will offer financial benefits even if the farm is on leased land. In that case, the candidate must produce documents, which state that the land has been taken on lease from the actual owner for a specific time.
  5. Caste certificate of the applicant – It is necessary for the applicant to submit his/her caste certificate.
  6. Consent certificate from banks – Before getting the loan from the bank, and applying for the subsidy, it is mandatory for the person to approach the bank for the issuance of a consent document.
  7. Project report – It is mandatory for the applicant to submit the entire project report of the agro-industry that he/she desires to run. The experts will assess these reports and then provide the subsidy.
  8. Educational certificates – Every applicant must submit a copy of their graduation passing certificate.

How to get application form and register?

  1. Access to the main portal – Odisha government’s official portal is up and running. For all registrations, candidates must log in on this site and do the needful.
  2. Application menu – In the website, applicants must find the Application menu.
  3. Read the guidelines – As soon as the applicants click on the “Application” menu, a guideline box will come up on the screen. The applicants need to read it and then click on the “Continue” button.
  4. Online form – It will trigger the portal to bring up the digitized application form on the computer screen.
  5. Form fill-up – It is mandatory for the applicants to fill in the separate fields, mentioned in the form with proper details.
  6. Security deposit payment – After the form has been filled up, applicants must pay the necessary security deposit amount. The payment can be made online. For this, applicants must have online bank transaction facilities.
  7. Form submission – Applicants must wait till the payment has been transacted successfully. After this, he/she can complete the registration procedure with a click on the button that is marked as “Submit.”
  8. BLO reviews the form – The form will be scrutinized by the respective BLO. He will send his representatives to check the actual facility as well.
  9. Submission of inspection report – It is the responsibility of the BLO to make the inspection report within 15 working days and submit it for additional review.
  10. DNO reviews the report – Once the inspection report has been submitted by the BLO, it will be forwarded to the District Nodal Officer. He/she will go through the report and assess the potential of the project.
  11. Issuing “go ahead” certificate – If everything seems find, then the DNO can issued the “go ahead” certificate. This certificate can be downloaded by the applicant from the official portal.
  12. SMS notification – Once the DNO approved the enrollment, the applicant will attain a notification on the registered mobile number from the respective department.

This agro-industry subsidy scheme will offer the much-needed encouragement to the interested applicants to start their own venture. It will pave the path for increased agricultural growth and GDP for the state. It is not possible without the assistance of the state authority. This, it is a good scheme that can change the condition of small-scale agro-industries, with proper implementation, and the necessary monitoring.

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