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The state government of Odisha came up with a new portal to promote inter caste marriages. The name of the portal is Odisha Sumangal Portal. There is social untouchability that has been prevalent in the society and that inhibits people to marry someone from different caste. But government is trying to end this discrimination and decided to offer incentive award through the portal. Government will offer incentive money to the couple if the marriage occurred between two different Hindu communities. Here, we are going to discuss about the portal in details so read till the end.

odisha sumangala yojana portal

Key Features of the Odisha Sumangala Yojana

  • Objective of the initiative– The objective is to reduce the caste prejudice among the people. It is believed that through this step untouchability will be abolished and equality will be established in the society.
  • Incentive for Hindu marriage– As per the rule of the scheme if the bride and groom are from Hindu community and only is the marriage is solemnized by Hindu rituals then only the couple will get monetary reward.
  • Amount of the incentive– If the couple apply for the incentive then they will receive 2.5 lakh rupees after 60 days application.
  • Creating awareness– Through this step government is hoping to create awareness regarding inter-ethnic marriages in the state.

Odisha Sumangala Yojana Eligibility Criteria

  • Inter caste marriage- The scheme is applicable on the Hindu inter caste marriage. So, to avail the scheme one has to from Scheduled Caste Hindu community and the other one has to be other caste of Hindu community.
  • Indian citizens– Both of the spouses have to be Indian citizens to be able apply for the facility.
  • Domicile of Odisha– According to the rule of the scheme, both of the spouses should be the permanent resident of Odisha.
  • Valid marriage– The inter-caste marriage should be valid and registered under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955.
  • Belonging to SC community– It is mandatory to be the eligible couple one of the spouses has to be from the scheduled caste community as per the Article 341 of the Constitution of India.
  • Land purchase– The couple will get the incentive if they have purchased any land after marriage or purchased anything to start a business.
  • First marriage– As per the rule of the scheme, the grant will be given to the couple who are got married for the first time.
  • Time of the grant– The facility will be awarded only after government issues the resolution for the solemnized marriage.

Odisha Sumangala Yojana Required Documents

  • Identity proof– The couple has to submit scanned copy of ID proof of their citizenship.
  • Address proof– The couple has to submit scanned copy to address proof that says they are the permanent resident of Odisha.
  • Marriage certificate– The candidates have to submit scanned copy of marriage certificate.
  • Caste certificate– The couple has to submit a scanned copy of caste certificate of the spouse who belongs to schedules caste.
  • Joint photo– During the time of application the couple has to submit joint photograph as husband and wife.
  • Declaration form– The applicant has to submit a scanned copy of declaration form at the time of application.
  • Account details– You are required to submit a photocopy of the first page of the passbook of your joint account that is under any nationalized bank.

How to Apply Online for Inter Caste Marriage Incentive Award Scheme

  • Step 2- once you click on the link you will be redirected to the home page where you will get an option says ‘Don’t have an account? Register Here’.
  • Step 3– After that you will get the registration form
  • Step 4- After that you need to enter your detailed information in the registration form and then you need to click on ‘Register’ to finish the process.

Odisha Sumangala Yojana Launch Details

Name of the SchemeOdisha Sumangala Yojana
Launched inOdisha
Launched byThe Chief Minister of Odisha Naveen Patnaik
Date of launch28th October, 2020
Target peopleInter caste married couples

It is needless to say that coming up with such step is commendable. With time people are becoming hateful to other castes and this has to end. One can befriend a caste socially by accepting inter caste marriage. And Odisha government is all set to reduce the discrimination in the society by supporting the couples who went for inter caste marriage by providing them with financial assistance.


Q : What is Odisha Sumangal Portal ?

Ans : It is portal that provides financial support to the inter caste married couples.

Q : What are the criteria ?

Ans : One of the spouses has to be from SC community, and both of them have to be Hindu. 

Q : Where to apply ?

Ans : sumangal.odisha.gov.in/.

Q : How much money will be granted ?

Ans : 2.5 lakh rupees after 60 days of registration.

Q : Is there any deadline ?

Ans : No, you have to apply after the marriage is registered under the law.

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