Nai Rosni Yojana

Nai Rosni Yojana

As we all know the gender ratio is a problem worldwide but it is a problem in some places more than the others. In order to improve the ratio in India, the government is taking major steps. Women form a major part of the country’s unskilled population. But until and unless their numbers are adjusted at par with the other genders, mostly men, the issues arising in the society due to this imbalance cannot be curbed or adjusted.

Nai Rosni Yojana

Hence the scheme has been implemented by the Women Empowerment Ministry in the year 2012-13 to bring back the gender ratio to normalcy.

The objectives of the scheme are

The ministry of Minorities affair has taken up this task to implement this scheme and they are specifically working with the following objectives –

  • The women from the backward sections are to be provided with better knowledge and tools to improve their lives. They will also be taught how to use digital banking systems and how to carry out transactions online. They will be given a little bit of external knowledge about how they can make their lives easier.
  • It is of major importance to teach them the systems that are directly related to government intermediaries since they have to deal with them on a regular basis. Hence that too will be provided to them.
  • This scheme is also made encourage the women belonging to the minority communities to come out of their homes. It will give them proper aid to become leaders of their community. This as a society will be more helpful to everyone in general.

Key aspects of the scheme

  • Women can expect to be provided with educational training in certain sectors. They will be groomed to come to terms with the leadership as per the objective of the scheme. The Ministry of Minority Affairs will ensure that such and such is done for the favor of the women concerned.
  • Women will also be given special training. Many of the issues faced by women in the local areas can be solved by the women who will receive this training. Hence the women will be giving back to their own community via this scheme.
  • Audio visual sessions will be arranged so that their questioned can be answered properly. By listening and hearing the systems they will learn exactly what they were unable to so far.
  • The training manuals will also be dispersed in this manner. Also several non governmental organizations are involved in this training manual and their services are also being included.
  • Communities will be set up to approve the modules of the training. This will further help strengthen the entire scheme of training for the women.
  • The scheme is also mainly focusing on the development of the minorities. So the women belonging to the minority communities can expect to be benefitted from it the most.
  • The scheme will be under the monitoring of NGOs mostly even though it is being overseen by the Ministry of Minorities Affair at the end of the day.
  • The circulars have already been given to the village panchayats and the urban bodies. The scheme will be implemented far and wide in these areas.

Implementation of the scheme

The implementation of the scheme will not just be for the local bodies but it will also reach far and wide in the corners of the village. If looked at from a broad point of view, the scheme is aimed towards the minority women who mostly reside in the villages. The government is in the process of ensuring that it reaches people who are truly in need.

For this purpose, the government has given the responsibility to the government registered nonprofit companies. UGC has guided the learning institutions to provide the women with these aids. There are also some institutions registered under the Panchayati raj training institutes that have been appointed for this task. The self help groups have also enrolled themselves.

Why is this scheme needed?

This scheme is needed because there are already many evils that prevail in our society against women. Hence women empowerment is a big issue that needs to be addressed. Minority women have the worst of it since they are unable to get extra benefits.

Minority affairs are of the view that the women of the world are developing at a rapid way and one of the best ways to push them forward is to give them equal opportunities. One way to give them equal opportunities is by providing them with the training that men might get in their society but women don’t.

The scheme is dearly needed in a society where the potential of women is underutilized. With more women coming forward, the minority communities might no longer remain minorities in future and this could enable all individuals to claim equal rights.

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