Lok samvad in Bihar

Lok samvad in Bihar

In the demonstrative India common elected a party through their votes. Thus a state can get a Chief Minister. But people do not properly know the activity of a C. M.and also CM cannot know the response of a public. For knowing the reactions of the common people Chief Minister of Bihar introduced lok samvad Bihar.

This is the special programs for improving the condition of the common people. Introducing the programme government mentally reaches the mind of the common people and ordinary people share their opinion to the chief minister.

As a result Bihar will become a progressive state all over the country. In the place of Bihar janata darbar this programme will be organized. As a result people can easily make their conversation with the higher authority of the state. Introducing this programme Nitish Kumar easily makes his tremendous mark in the field of politics.

Activity of the programme

For knowing the reactions of the general people Chief Minister of Bihar launched this programme. Chief Minister collects the feedback and suggestions from the common people at his residence in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Monday in every month.
It is a conversation method between Chief Minister and the general public. People, who are citizen of Bihar, can provide their views and suggestions in their own word freely. Thus, Chief Minister of Bihar can easily evaluate his activities from the opinion of the common people.

How can people give their opinion?

In the state of Bihar people can share their thoughts with the chief minister. For giving their personal opinion they should follow some important steps. These steps are given through the below points:

  • People can freely provide their opinion in their own words
  • People can give their opinion through offline and online.
  • People can provide their thoughts through the letter or mail.
  • The letter or mail will be send to the CM secretariat.
  • Word limit will be less than two hundred. This decision is taken by the government.
  • Common people send the letter by hand or via post to the Bihar government office.
  • In the time of sending as a sender you can add your personal details like Aadhar card, email address and contact
  • When you provide your opinion on 1st Monday, your letter is shown by the people next Monday. If your views or suggestions will authentic government will realize the importance of this opinion and then activate by him.
  • The main features of the programme are when your suggestion will fruitful to the government authority they will invite you and discuss with you all about your opinions.

Thus as a common people you can apply your thought for making a progressive state. Apart from these as a common people you can get some knowledge from a Chief Minister of other Ministers. When ministers will take some decisions from the common people, the confidence of the general people hugely increased.

Rules and regulations of lok samvad Bihar

Every government wants to evaluate their activities. When they get feedback from the common people they can easily improved their work. As a result a big prosperity in the country will be possible. Nitish Kumar, the chief minister of Bihar introduced a new programme in the month of December, 2016.

  • According to the opinion of the common people of Bihar described that it will be a revolutionary programme. For making a good government Nitish Kumar launched this programme.
  • It is a public interface programme. After introducing the lok samvad programme in Bihar, government introduced some rules and revelations. Common people freely participate for running this programme.
  • They freely gives their opinion to the government depends on their activities. They also provide the opinion about the pending work. After getting these opinions government skillfully improved their works.


This programme will be increase the prosperity of Bihar. Introducing this programme Nitish Kumar and the other Ministers easily implement their work. Chief Minister declares that people provide their opinions in their own words and government will take it 1st Monday to 3rd Monday in an every month. Fifty letters will be read by the government in the next Sunday. As a result school children can give their opinion, old people, women all people of Bihar give their personal thoughts. Thus government realizes the total experience and analysis the experience of the people of Bihar.


Name of the programme Lok samvad Bihar
State involved Bihar
Introduced by Nitish Kumar, chief minister of Bihar.
purpose Taking the opinion of common people
Word limit Less than 200 words
Worked in 1st to 3rd Monday in every month


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