Airtel, Vodafone, Idea Loan Code USSD

Airtel, Vodafone, Idea Loan Code USSD

Most mobile users subscribe to a pre-pay package for its various advantages. The most important one being that it adheres to the principle of pay for what we use. A loan is extended by the mobile operator which gives the subscriber some ten minutes of talk time to tide over the situation and recharge immediately thereafter. This feature is carried by all telecom operators in India Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, as also BSNL, Reliance, Tata and Uninor.

Below mentioned table elaborates some interesting facts about Indian Telecom Service Providers

S.No Interesting Facts About Indian Telecom Operators Detailed Explanation
1 Second Largest Mobile Subscribers According to recent stats, India owns 12 % of world total subscribers of 222 countries.
2 Second Lowest Call Traffic Next to Bangladesh, Indian telecom operators offer cheapest mobile traffic.
3 Countries Oldest Mobile Operator “Loop Mobile” Loop Mobile/BPL known as the India’s oldest telecom service provider, and first service provider to offer MMS, GPRS and Caller Ring Tones to its subscribers
4 Urban Teledensity As per the recent survey, Urban teledensity is about 5 times higher than rural India. Majority of North-Eastern States has lower teledensity when compared with rest of the nation.

How to apply for the loan

With the wireless world that the mobile scenario exists in, this time loan application from the parent subscriber is also carried out wirelessly and with no other documents required. The code and the number to which it is to be sent to, naturally differs from operator to operator.  The talk time loan or the data pack loan extended by every mobile operator comes with an interest being levied at the time of next recharge.

Airtel loan rules and codes

Pre-paid Airtel subscribers can apply for a loan when their balance is Rs. 5 and below.  Users would have to type *141*10# from their mobile to activate the loan process. Users also have the option of dialing 51241 from their Airtel sim. In both cases the user gets a recharge of Rs. 10 talk time immediately.  The loan amount is deducted from  the users account automatically during the next re-charge the user effects thereafter.

Vodafone users

The call number to activate loan process for Vodafone subscribers is 1241. Users can also SMS CREDIT to 144 from their Vodafone sim. Vodafone offers loans of Rs 5 , 10 and 25 which the user has to select from. The repayment amount is Rs 6, 12 and 28 respectively.

Idea users

Like other operators, Idea provides loan time by the code of *150*10# for a loan talk time of Rs 10. For taking a loan of Rs 5/- users have to type *165*5#. Idea even allows for a loan of Rs. 4 for which user needs to type *444#.  Idea has some additional checks for allowing the loan. The user has to be an Idea subscriber for 90 days at the time of applying of the loan. In addition, the balance at the time of apply9ing for the loan has to be Rs. 2 or less. Idea charges 13.80 for the Rs. 10 loan, Rs. 6 for the Rs 5 loan and Rs. 5 for the Rs. 4 loan.

Other ways to tide over zero balance situation

If user already used the loan option and yet facing emergency situation then number 180020802080 is a god sent number for pre-paid subscribers which must be keep in mind. Giving a call to this number activates a process where the numbers call you back and asking for the number to be contacted. This option can be exercised just once with an interval of 15 days when next the same option can be used. The number is connected and the user can talk for only two minutes. This permits for the user to inform the called number about the zero balance situations and request for them to recharge the number.

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