How to become a Bank Mitra?

How to become a Bank Mitra?

Many a time it is not possible for any bank to open a branch physically in an area that is situated remotely or in the interiors of the country or in a place where such constructions are not possible. But, since people living in such remote and inaccessible areas also need to get access to banking services, it became imperative that the banks have their virtual branches in the form of people, employed to take care of account opening difficulties of the customers in these remote areas. These people who work for the banks are known as Bank Mitras.

Who is a Bank Mitra?

A bank mitra is a person who has been employed by the bank to carry out the activities of the bank in areas which do not support the construction of a bank building. These Bank Mitras help people in opening their accounts under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna; they can help the local people in getting loans, credit cards and debit cards. The main aim of employing the Bank mitra is making the facilities of the bank available to every individual however remotely placed area he may live in.

What is the benefit of becoming Bank Mitra?

Bank mitra is a job in the bank and it is a paid job. Bank mitra gets a salary of fixed sum of Rs 5000. This salary will be the same for all the banks. No matter which bank you work with you are supposed to get Rs 5000 per month as a salary.

Apart from this salary you will also get various other benefits such as:

Commission: commission will be given to you if you are able to convince people to buy a debit or credit card. This commission is not fixed sum. It will be different from one bank to the other. This amount depends on the decision of individual banks and must be confirmed with them.

Loan: if you become Bank Mitra you can avail a loan of Rs one lakh twenty five thousand. This loan cannot be availed in one go and for one purpose only. This loan amount is divided into tool loan for which you can get Rs 50,000; vehicle loan for which you can get a loan of Rs 50,000 again and the rest of the Rs 25,000 can be availed for working.

What duties should be performed by Bank Mitra?

The Bank Mitra is a job that requires you to create awareness about savings, advice them on money management and help them in any kind of problem that arises in the debt issues. Bank Mitra are supposed to identify the customers who may need an account, verify forms of those who open account under PMJDY and also help them filing the application. Small payments collection, giving out bank account details and any kind of help on behalf of the bank is also the job of Bank Mitra.

Who can become a Bank Mitra?

A person who is above 18 years of age is eligible but it is the decision of the bank that they want to employ as Bank mitra. Though retired bank employees, teachers, government employees the ex-servicemen along with the owners of kirana shop, medical shop, PCO, agents who sell small savings scheme of govt. of India or insurance companies are preferred by the banks as Bank Mitra.

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