Nayi Manzil Yojana

Pradhan Mantri Nayi Manzil Yojana

India is the home of around 15 lakh madrasas. Madrasa is a learning center in the Muslin society. Here Islam is preached along with other subjects taught schools like Science, Arts, Literature, History, Political Science, etc. The students of madrasas are given religious lessons on Quran and teachings of Prophet Mohammad. They are basically religious schools giving elementary school education to all sections of Muslim society.

They are the part and parcel of Muslim society. Here political teachings and social teachings are given along with academic teachings. Madrasas usually have Maulavis who are the teachers and preachers. Madrasas play a very vital role in educating the Muslim masses of India.

Now, in todays’ tough and competitive world, the students who have received their education from madrasas are finding it very difficult to cope up with the tremendous competition. They somehow are left back in terms of skills, quality education, etc. The reasons are many. Madrasas do not have a proper education curriculum, course structure for students, examination system, properly and specially skilled teachers for all backgrounds, etc. There is no administration at all. More stress is given in religious preaching.

Almost all madrasa lack basic facilities like a proper class room, benches, furniture, blackboard, etc. And the method of teaching are very old and outdated. They somehow give a negative approach to the modern subjects. No research, experiments, seminars, etc. are done there. New subjects like computer science and technology, bio technology, etc. are completely new to them. As a result of this the students are unable to come and compete with the students receiving general modern education. There is a lack of job opportunities for the madrasa students.

So Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shree Narendra Modi has launched the Pradhan Mantri Nayi Manzil Yojana which will bring back the backward students of madrasas to the present education system and help those getting better career opportunities and jobs. Job oriented skillful training will be given to the madrasa students. Ministry of Minorities, Govt. of India has decided to bring near about 3 lakh madrasas under this scheme.

The Maulana Azad Education Foundation will administer the whole scheme and work with the Govt. Approximately Rs. 3,738 is sanctioned for this project. Several training centers shall be opened under this scheme which will give job oriented courses like nursing, tailoring, mechanics, computer, etc. By these courses, the madrasa students can compete with other regular students and find jobs. All religious leaders have welcomed this project.

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