The different factors you need to know about tax benefits of Mudra loan

The different factors you need to know about tax benefits of Mudra loan

The primary objective of Mudra loan is to offer funds for the unfunded. The role has been taken up by the central government for offering a start up and foundation through the Mudra Yojana that has been reported on 8th April 2015. This is one of the most important policies taken up by the central government because it offers advantages and financial aids for the sole proprietors or entrepreneurs who are conducting small or medium sized business. These small organizations find it really difficult to attain capital in high tax or credit for their business from any financial institutions and from this Mudra Loan; these small business organizations shall have a financial aid of 10 lakh.

Problem solver

Another important factor that has been considered through this Mudra loan is it will solve the problem of unemployment to a great extent. It cannot be denied that a huge number of individuals in our country are not able to attain government services or jobs and thus, they are focused on start ups and business. While this thought again is inhibited because of lack of funding or credits from financial organizations. Thus, Mudra loan offers options for a huge number of individuals and small organizations to start their own business. Considering the tax factor of this loan, it is not implemented in such a way that the borrowers do not face extreme financial burden. This tax benefit is a major factor that differentiates the Mudra loan from any other general loans. The aim of this loan is to offer possibilities to small and medium business organizations for expansion for their operations to sustain in the competitive market. The cost of finance shall also be reduced to a great extent.

Increment in nationwide revenue generation

When it is about doing business, the capital investment becomes a major roadblock. In such scenarios, Mudra loan shall come in handy for the small business entrepreneurs. And with such business promotions schemes, this would not only add in overall revenue of the nation but also an inside-out growth within the economy shall be observed. It’s a win-win situation for all entrepreneurs, economy of a nation and financial institutions. A core reason for Mudra Financing is individuals who are looking for business start ups in rural areas or remote areas, those individuals are not able to gain access to micro finance. But with this scheme, they shall now have access for capital support with reduced tax benefits and these organizations can become a profit center.

Few more details

The range of this loan is varied between 50000 to 10 lakh and if any entrepreneur needs low amount of money to start a business, it can be availed within a short period of time. The Mudra loan is a standard scheme that shall be followed by any bank and thus all the banks shall have uniform credit financing for the borrowers. Not any single bank or unit of the country shall face pressure of financing. The borrowers shall be able to make optimum use of Mudra Card at times of extreme emergency situations. The scheme is overall great and it is upto the general masses about how they can reap the benefits. There are no other specific parameters for attaining the Mudra loan.

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  1. I am the proprietor and registered pharmacist and opened a medical shop three years ago,borrowed money from brother’s, friends and relatives and within this three years I returned all the amount to them.
    I also opened a Bank current account at Akola Bank of India ,
    In sep 2015 I came to know about mudra loan I approach the concerns bank professional.
    He told me that we distributed our quota up to October 15 you come in November month.
    I approach in November then he told you don’t have a balance sheet.
    That’s why you are not eligible for loan.
    I told him that for mudra loan this is not compulsory even if you assure me for sanctioning the loan I will spend 2000 rs for fees of balance sheet.
    He denied for assurance.
    I met him for four times in November
    And 5 times in December but he met me for 2times saying come next week or next month.
    I don’t think we Indians will grow by having such bank professional cooperation.
    If anybody can help me pl guide or call me or inform me what to do

    • Go to Twitter account of PM Modi & ask him your problem along with Bank name, officer’s name, Address & contact no.

      Also, inform that officer that you have posted such a thing on PM’s Twitter account.
      If he is in-genuine, your problem will get solved.

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