Free Electricity Scheme Delhi 

Free Electricity Scheme Delhi  (Power Subsidy) 2019-20 

To resolve the long going Delhi electricity problem, the Free Electricity Plan Delhi has been initiated by the CM of the state. Also, the electricity bill is rising, making it heavy on pockets of the city dwellers. Since 2015, Delhi CM has taken several major decisions, including the prevailing electricity problem in the city. As of now, CM has made certain changes in the plan and named the plan. According to the scheme rules, if the city dwellers consume less than 200 units of electricity, they do not have to pay electricity bills. There are other benefits that are covered under this scheme. The benefits of the scheme will be applicable from August. Take a glance at the benefits of the entitled plan in the following part of the article.

Free Electricity Scheme Delhi

Launch details

Name Free electricity scheme Delhi
Launch August 2019
Declaration Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal
Beneficiary Dwellers of Delhi
Relevant departments Delhi Electricity board

What are the characteristics of the plan in Delhi?

  • Electricity bill education – The scheme initiative has been taken by the Delhi state government to reducing electricity bill for Delhi people.
  • Benefits to get for power consumption lower than 200 units – Delhi CM said households with less than 200 units of electricity consumption will be given free electricity facilities.
  • Benefits for houses consuming 201 to 400 units – In households consuming 201 to 400 units can opt for scheme benefits. In this regard, they only have to pay half of the electricity bill as the rest would be covered as part of scheme subsidy.
  • Bills for houses having 200 to 400 units of electricity consumption – Houses consuming 200 units of electricity paid rupees 622 unlike present situation when households can get free of electricity connection. However, this has been changed, and for 200 units’ consumption of electricity, households do not have to pay electricity charges. For 250 units, rupees 252 needs to be paid unlike the earlier rupees 800. For 300 units of electricity, households have to pay rupees 526, unlike the previous rupees 971, which was quite high compared to its present rate. When consuming 400 units electricity, households have to pay rupees 1075 unlike rupees 1320 as per previous rules. By this, the electricity bill can be reduced.
  • Reforms made in the electricity plan – Prior to changes in electricity plan, rupees 2 was charged for every unit in 400 units of electricity consumption. In addition, rupees 100 subside given to the ones spending 100 units of electricity consumption. This 50% power subsidy plan has changed these days.
  • Coverage for the scheme – CM of the state commented that 33% of consumers would get scheme benefits. However, the scheme coverage has been initiated during the winter months as the electricity consumption would be less compared to other months.

What are the eligibility criteria for the Delhi plan?

  • Citizens of Delhi – As the plan has been started in Delhi, only the citizens living in Delhi can avail the scheme benefits. Citizens from other states cannot avail the scheme benefits.
  • Benefits under free power plans – The Delhi scheme is applicable for all sections of the society. There are no such reservations under this plan. Any resident of the city can seek benefits of the plan.

What are the documents required for an electricity plan?

Some important documents should be produced at the time of online registration for the scheme benefits.

  • Residential proof – Only eligible dwellers living in Delhi can opt for the scheme benefits. The beneficiaries will be given free electricity connection. So, candidates have to produce native proof of Delhi.
  • Older electricity bill – The beneficiaries have to produce older electricity bill at the time of registration under the scheme. This way, they can opt for scheme benefits. It shall also help to know whether the electricity runs in the name of the homeowner or not.
  • Identity proof – As identity proof, beneficiaries should produce Aadhaar card. Also, this will be required to consider whether they are suitable to get the scheme benefit or not.

How to get benefits under the above said electricity plan in Delhi?

The scheme beneficiaries can get benefits from the department of electricity. They only have to produce relevant documents at the time of registration to justify each of their claims in regard to availing the scheme benefits. Also, this would help in proper verification of the amount of electricity consumed by the household. However, the verification will be carried out by Delhi’s electricity department.

With proper implementation of the plan, it would help reduce electricity bills in Delhi. In addition, residents will be helped to avail the scheme benefits. After the scheme announcement, the city has the lowest electricity tariff.

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