CHC Farm Machinery Krishi Kisan Mobile App download

CHC Farm Machinery and Krishi Kisan Mobile App Download [Hire Tractors & Agriculture Machineries]

The central government has already implemented several financial schemes for the assistance of the farmers. It has also activated life insurance and social security scheme for the needy farmers. Now, it has turned its attention to increasing the yield of the crops, with the use of technology. Recently, the agricultural department declared that the farmers will be able to use two new mobile phone applications. One of the two is named CHC Farm Machinery App, while the other is called Krishi Kisan App. From geo-tagging, to renting farm tools and booking harvest machinery, a farmer can do everything with these two agro-apps.

CHC Farm Machinery & Krishi Kisan Apps

Launch details of the apps

Name of the apps CHC Farm Machinery App & Krishi Kisan App
Launched in India
Launched by Narendra Modi
Announced by Narendra Singh Tomar
Date of announcement September, 2019
Target beneficiaries Farmers of the country
Supervised by Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Ministry


Key features of the apps

  1. Including technology – Launch of these apps is a way to introduce maximum use of technology in the farming sector. These apps are easy to use, and every farmer will be able to attain the benefits. The optimum use of tech and machines will also develop the overall agricultural sector in India.
  2. Target farmer categories – These two agro-apps have been launched to offers assistance to those agricultural workers, who fall either in the marginal or small categories. Such applicants need as much support as they can obtain from the government.
  3. Booking farming machines – Poor and needy farmers do not have the financial capability to purchase tractors, fertilizer spraying machines and harvest machines. By using the CHC Farm Machinery App, these agricultural workers will be able to get these machines on a rental basis, at a realistic price. Easy access to these machines will increase the productivity of the farmland.
  4. Total number of hiring service centers – Many hiring service centers want to enroll their names so that they can offer agricultural machines and tools on rent. Till date, around 40,000 such centers have completed the application process to provide services via the CHC Farm Machinery App.
  5. Number of rental agro-machinery – The minister highlighted in his speech that there is a high demand for agriculture and harvest machines on the rental basis. Through the CHC Farm Machinery App, interested agricultural workers will have access to 1, 20, 000 equipment and other related farm tools.
  6. Dissemination of information – If one of the farmers in the village download the Krishi Kisan App, then he can educate the other agricultural worker, who do not have access to the app. The central government wants to distribute information to uneducated farmers through technology.
  7. Correct use of HYV seeds – The Krishi Kisan App is an avenue that will offer farmers with the details of using HYV seeds, and other agricultural tips, which can increase crop production.
  8. Geo tagging of the farm – Earlier, it was not possible for the farmer to register geographical data of the farm like its latitude, longitude, altitude and other location-specific details without the assistance of the experts. With the Krishi Kisan App, they can register these details without any assistance. The app comes with a geo-tagging feature that allows the agro-worker to do these.
  9. Geo fencing of the crops – The Krishi Kisan App will help the Indian farmers to get the facility of geo-fencing. The app software will detect the location of the farmer’s plot and its boundaries via GPS.
  10. Upload images – The farmers will be able to register the details of the farm and the crops by clicking images with their smartphone, and uploading them via the app.
  11. Check weather details – The Krishi Kisan App will be linked with the weather forecast department. The farmers will attain daily notifications about the expected weather. Warning notifications will alert the farmers about a sudden storm or flood situation.
  12. Apps in various languages – As the apps will be operational on pan-country basis; the farmers will have language options. If the farmer is not comfortable with English, then he can pick Hindi or any other regional language that the app supports.
  13. Free app downloads – The central agriculture minister did not forger to mention in his official announcement that farmers can download these two government-launched apps for free.

How can farmers download these applications?

  1. App links for the scheme – The respective government has already launched these two smartphone applications. Farmers must click on the link   CHC Farm Machinery App Download,  If the farmer wants to Krishi Kisan App download , then he must click on the link.
  2. Access to apps from Google Play Store – Interested farmers can login on the Google Play Store app. They must type in the name of the app, and the official app logo will come up.
  3. Download the app – The farmer must click on the official app logo. It will activate the “Download” option. The farmer must click on this button.
  4. App activation – After the apps have been downloaded, the farmer must register with the phone number to activate the apps.
  5. Login the apps – Once the registration is complete, the farmers can log in with their User ID and passwords.
  6. Using the apps – Once the apps are fully functional, the farmers can use each app for its respective purpose.

Farmers generally stick to the traditional ways. It does not offer much room for improvement. These applications will encourage them to use technology. They will realize how proper utilization of technology can enhance the crop yield and their income. The central government is promotion these apps to popularize them among the target beneficiaries.

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