UPI SBI Buddy Payment e Wallet

UPI SBI Buddy Payment e Wallet

While the Slogan of the year is spreading at a speed of fire across the nation, SBI buddy concept stopped poking and started to stand erect before all. This is a perfect solution to all the users, who loved to handle things in cash. Where SBI name is associated, you can easily understand that the usage of this application is in all places. Along with all the things, there is another news that will make you surprised – It is associated with paytm. So access it anywhere. There is no way that your transaction will fail. Know the different features, rules and uses of the buddy. You will be happy to use it at different locations.

UPI SBI Buddy Payment e Wallet

Register yourself

The first step is to register yourself over SBI buddy. You will not need any account to register yourself. Give your mobile number, where an OTP will be sent. Just apply that, you will be registered soon. There is another way to get registered. The process is almost same, but here you will be using Facebook connection. While using Facebook, make sure that you have enabled Facebook connections.

Fill money in your wallet

There are two options to fill money in your wallet – Net banking and Debit Card. While using Net banking, you will find a direct link at the Personal banking mobile application or over desktop. Recall your transaction password and apply your OTP to fetch money to the wallet. If you are not fetching money from SBI account, then go to the buddy page and fetch money from any banks of India. The second option is to get the support of Debit Card. There you will have to insert the unique CVV Number and expiry date of card. At times, when you are pulling money from other Debit cards, except SBI, you can have to provide the Name written on the card.

Transaction limit

There are different options for transactions, especially when you are entering money or sending money to someone. If you are using debit card, you can pull 10000 rupees at any time, when you are having the balance amount in your bank account. All the transactions can be till 10000 rupees and monthly fund transfer allowed is Rs. 1,00,000/-. This is your monthly transaction limit, whereas for each transaction, the limit is Rs. 50000/-. You can reload your wallet to maximum INR 50,000/- a month. All the transaction limits shown above are same when you are having KYC in your account. If you do not have this KYC, things will change and it can even be 40% of the value mentioned above.

Sending Money

The basics of sending money from the wallet is by loading the phone number of the person whom you will be sending amount. During the process you will have to face two things – the OTP and the Paytm QR code. When you apply these two things, your wallet balance will be debited within seconds. There are two things that are to be handled in the case. Accepting and rejecting the payment is dependent on the receiver of the money. He will have to choose the option either to accept the cash or to reject it. At the same time, he will have to enter the pass code for the support.

Pay Now option

This is the option to pay the merchants directly from your wallet. You can make payments to them using the OTP, only when the merchant is having Paytm with him or her. To identify the vendor, just scan the QR code of his and it will automatically verify your account and your buddy id.

Other uses

  • You can use the application for different recharges too. This includes the prepaid mobile recharges, electricity bills and even gas booking. One of the recently added service in this segment is in the form of DTH recharge.
  • The biggest option that you will get is the verification of wrong transactions. Since it is directly linked with bank, you will get an instant return, when you are entering a wrong wallet number at your side. Thus this is much secured than any other services.
  • On the other hand the service is outstanding too. In the service, if your transaction fails, that will be returned to the wallet, although it will take 15 days time.
  • Finally, the transactions you are following needs no bank account mapping from your side. In preference, you can schedule the regular payment areas. If you are paying someone over buddy in EMI, that setting can be set easily in your wallet allowing you to debit the amount from your account on a fixed date.
  • However, when you are willing to take out cash using buddy, you will initially have to transfer that amount from buddy to bank account. Then only you will find the amount in your account.

Thus this is the best and the most accessed e wallet available, spread over a huge network. Download the application and register on it today itself.

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