Twitter Seva Forum to Gather Feedback For Government

Twitter Seva Forum to Gather Feedback For Government

The Union government has announced the introduction of the Twitter Seva forum. This will be used to capture feedback from the public through social media accounts on many platforms. With this in mind, the government can understand the issues that the public has and therefore find ways to resolve those problems as needed.

This will be designed to work for the needs of both residents of India and those who are from outside the country. In the case of outsiders, this may be used to review issues relating to passports, visas and foreign policy concerns. This helps to improve upon how information can be gathered and feedback is to be used for all kinds of important points.

How This Works

Much of this will be used with Twitter. This comes as many people use Twitter for how simple it is and for how quickly people can post messages. Special technology will be needed to help with monitoring how well critical keywords may be based on the plans for running the government.

The Twitter Seva form will work in the following manner:

  • The ministry will use software for the plan. This will help to identify keywords that relate to the various services offered by the government to the public.
  • When a person posts an issue with regards to the keyword, a central server will redirect the message to the home ministry or other relevant party. The goal will be to address all problems that come about and to resolve them all in as timely of a manner as possible.
  • Proper redressals will be used for messages as needed. There is no certainty as to which messages will be directly responded to but a conscious effort will be made to take care of as many problems as needed.
  • The number of keywords to be used will be kept to a minimum. This is to keep the server from being flooded with far too many messages that might not be relevant to some cases. Keywords may be added based on the particular governmental functions that are offered and other key details relating to operating the region.

What Handles Work On Twitter?

Twitter is the main social media outlet that the Twitter Seva form will use for gathering information from people. This will work alongside many different handles that are operated by a variety of departments within the government. There are ten different Twitter handles that are run by the home ministry government at this moment. Two of them are run by the home minister Rajnath Singh while one is given to each of the Union ministers of state.

The overall goal of this is to get people in the Union government to understand the problems that the general public has. This is to help improve upon how people in India are cared for. This is also to show that there is a conscious effort involved with getting many problems resolved in a sensible manner and as soon as possible without any delays.

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