(tsobmms.cgg.gov.in) Driver Empowerment Program (Telangana)

(tsobmms.cgg.gov.in) Driver Empowerment Program (Telangana)

In recent time, the newly created Telangana state government introducing several welfare schemes to its people. Especially, those welfare schemes are mainly focused to improve the living standards of the minority community for the state like SC/ST and also for the BPL (Below Poverty Line) families. On adding to those lists of welfare scheme, earlier this month the telangana state government introduced a new scheme named Driver Empowerment Scheme which will be beneficial to the drivers all over the state who are from the backward communities.

What’s Driver Empowerment Scheme?

The scheme mainly focuses the backward community drives to improve their life standards in the society. Many drivers across the state are working as an employee to several cab service providers and also as a driver in public transport vehicles owned by private owners. In order to offer a beneficial scheme, the state government willing to provide financial assistance to such drivers who have the intention of buying own vehicle under this newly introduced Driver Empowerment Scheme.

Scheme Features

  • Under this welfare scheme for backward drivers, loan amount will be offered to the eligible drivers for purchasing their own cars and for the loan amount interest rates will be low when compared with normal rates.
  • Under this scheme, apart from the drivers from the backward communities like SC/ST and also from OBC. Qualified drivers from the minority groups who are often considered as the non-Hindu will be able to get more benefits in the loan procedures followed.
  • In order avail benefits under this scheme, the eligible potential drivers from those selected communities can apply from the 15th of February to 28th February of 2017. Only those drivers who registered within the mentioned dates will be considered to avail benefits.
  • As the entire nation moves towards the digitalization process, the registration process carried for this special welfare schemes for backward class drivers carried in online. For that special website http://tsobmms.cgg.gov.in/ has been created to assist drivers.

Website for applying for the Driver’s Welfare scheme

In the official website which gets established only for the purpose of assisting potential eligible drivers to avail benefits of this empowerment scheme for drivers in the state of Telangana. By clicking the registration link seen in that official webpage the drivers able to witness the form where they are supposed to enter their details in the respective columns.


In order to sort out the potential drivers from the state there has been certain eligibility criteria’s set by the state government of Telangana. Those details are listed below.

  • The applicant for this empowerment scheme must be qualified with minimum of a pass level in the 8th So that the drivers might be gained with enough literacy for following the rules and guidelines for safety travel.
  • In addition to that the applicant must be from the family whose annual incomes must be below the par level of Rs.1.5 Lakh in rural areas and Rs. 2L from urban areas. It is set to make sure that rightful drivers are gaining benefits from the scheme.
  • Also the rightful applicant must be in-between the age limit of 21 to 40 years, so that the selected drivers would be physically fit to handle all types of situation while driving.
  • Drivers who applying for this beneficial scheme will be given preference if the applicant who posses SSLC education in the state, it doesn’t matter about the examination results all it required is the appearances.

 Documents needed

While visiting the official website, the rightful applicant would be able to get enough assistance in terms of rules and procedure followed for the applicant selection for this scheme. Also the applicant must be ready with the certain documents like recent photo copies, Educational mark sheets, Pan Card, and the Valid Driving License. All those details should be in digital format so that it can be uploaded in the websites while applying.

For applying visit: http://tsobmms.cgg.gov.in/driverEmpowermentRegistration.do

Impact of the scheme

As the market in the cab service is facing rapid growth in the Indian market, drivers from the backward communities would be able to earn a lot if they own a vehicle by the own. The scheme offers enough financial support for such drivers who from financially weaker class, with the assistance such drivers would be able to start their own business by partnering with the existing private cab service providers in India.

The records collected in the Indian cab service market, clearly shows the introduction of the private cab services created a heavy blow to the taxi services and the drivers who are employed in such fields affected heavily. Now with this newly launched empowerment scheme, the financial weaker drivers would be able to get own cars that can be merged with the existing popular private cab services in the state, by doing so they can improve their living standards. It is one of the innovative methods handling by telangana government for the empowerment of weaker communities.

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