Sarbat Sehat Bima Punjab (SSBY)

Sarbat Sehat Bima Yojana in Punjab (SSBY) 2019-20 [Online Application Form, Eligibility,  List Download, How to check Beneficiary Name Status, Empanelled Hospital list, E-cards Registration]

The Punjab government has come up with several projects, which can develop the entire state. As the poor people do not have proper medical services, the CM announced the Sarbat Sehat Bima Yojana in Punjab. Financial weak people can apply and get free treatment. It is a medical insurance policy that is sponsored and monitored by the state government. The inclusion of private nursing homes will give a boost to the development of the medical sectors as well. In this article, you will acquire information about the application process, status checking process, features, eligibility and other related details.

Sarbat Sehat Bima Yojana In Punjab

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the scheme Sarbat Sehat Bima Yojana in Punjab or SSBY
Launched in Punjab
Launched by Capt. Amarinder Singh
Date of announcement 2019 – 2020
Date of official launch July 2019
Target beneficiaries Needy people of the state
Supervised by State Health Agency in Punjab
Official portal
Contact ID


Key features of the Sarbat Sehat Bima Yojana in Punjab

  1. Proper treatment for all – Though the medical service in the private nursing homes is better, most needy people cannot afford it. To ensure that people from all financial backgrounds get correct medical service, Punjab government has introduced this scheme.
  2. Free treatment for insurance holders – The registered beneficiates and their family members can attain free-of-cost medical services in the selected hospitals, within the state.
  3. Maximum coverage amount – It has been mentioned in the scheme draft that every family will attain an annual treatment coverage of Rs. 5 lakhs. Any member of the registered family will be able to use the money for treatment.
  4. Tenure for policy validity – The tenure of the validity of this treatment insurance policy is one year. Once the term expires, the beneficiaries can apply for renewal.
  5. Implementation areas – Needy people reside in both rural areas and in the cities. Thus, the scheme will cover villages, suburbs and cities. Simultaneous implementation will take place in all these areas.
  6. Total beneficiaries – A rough state government suggest that almost 43.18 lakh households will be able to attain the perks of this free treatment policy.
  7. Inclusion of journalists – Recently, the state government officials announced that reporters and journalists, who meet certain criteria, will also be included in this program, irrespective of their financial background. Around 4500 journalists will be included as of now.
  8. Type of treatment available – The treatment insurance policy will only come to the play if the beneficiary or his /her family members are in need of tertiary and/or secondary medical attention.
  9. Types of hospitals enlisted – Medical attention seekers can reach out to the state-run and aided hospitals. As these centers may not be able to offer some treatments, Punjab government has also included a number of private treatment institutes as well.
  10. Paying the premium – The Punjab state government has lifted the load of paying the insurance premium amount from the shoulders of the beneficiaries. The premium amount will be contributed by the Punjab government.

Eligibility Criteria for Health Insurance Scheme in Punjab

  1. People living in the state – The legal residents of the state will get the unique opportunity to register and avail the perks of this health development scheme.
  2. No age restrictions – Children as well as elderly people can attain free medical assistance under this program. So, it is safe to comment that there is no age bar for beneficiaries.
  3. No restriction regarding number of family members – Eligible families can apply irrespective of the number of family members.
  4. BPL and LIG categories – Individuals, which fall under the poverty level and belong to low income group can also apply and attain free-of-cost treatment.
  5. Members of Punjab Mandi Board – People, associated with Punjab Mandi Board, can also register for this health insurance scheme.
  6. Individuals with blue cards – The state issues blue cards to such households, which fall under the “financially very weak” category. There are nearly 20.48 lakh people who possess this card. They will automatically come under this scheme.
  7. Individuals who fall under ETD – Individuals, who come under the Excise and Taxation Department can apply and get free treatment under this project. The number comes up to 46,000 households.
  8. WWB members – All the members, associated with the Workers Welfare Board can also apply for attaining these benefits. It directly brings those who work in the construction sites. The number of such households adds up to to nearly 2.38 lakh.
  9. Yellow card holding journalists – Only those reporters and journalists will be allowed to attain the free treatment benefits, which possess their yellow cards.
  10. Open for all religions – Punjab is a state, where people of all religious beliefs co-exist harmoniously. Keeping this in mind, the state government has not kept any religious criterion for registering under the scheme.

Documents necessary for SSBY Punjab

  1. Residential documents – If any person wants to get these medical perks, then he/she must have a legal residential document that highlights he/she is a permanent resident of Punjab.
  2. BPL and LIG certificates – It is necessary for the beneficiaries to present their BPL and LIG certificated during the registration.
  3. Punjab Mandi Board certificate – A certificate, issued by the Punjab Mandi Board is also necessary for the people who come under this section.
  4. Copy of blue card – In case the applicant claims that he/she has a blue card, a copy of that pass must be presented.
  5. ETD certification – People, falling under this category must possess the ETD certificate, issued by the respective department.
  6. WWB certification – Construction workers will not attain the scheme benefits if they fail to submit their WWB registration certificate.
  7. Copy of yellow card – In case of reports and journalists, they must submit a copy of the yellow card that has been issued by the state press association.
  8. ID proof documents – In addition to the above-mentioned documents, it is mandatory for the interested candidates to submit copies of their Aadhar cards, ration and voter cards.

How to Download Application Form for SSBY Punjab

  1. Though the state government has launched a separate portal for the scheme, the registration will be done via offline procedure, at the government hospitals.
  2. The scheme site offers details on the scheme and gives the opportunity to do other things. To log in on the site, you need to click on the Punjab Sarbat Sehat Bima Yojana Online Portal.

How to Apply for Sarbat Sehat Bima Yojana in Punjab 

  1. Every interested candidate needs to go to the nearest enlisted government hospital, with all the necessary documents.
  2. He/she must ask for the public assistant who will take care of the registration process.
  3. The public assistant will check the documents and run a quick background check.
  4. The public assistant will then note down the personal details of the candidate in the software-based data system.
  5. The agent will fill up these details and take the documents to complete the registration process.
  6. Then the beneficiary will attain the printed scheme card.
  7. He/she can present this card at any government or private medical institute to attain free medical services.

How to register a complaint?

  1. If any candidate or beneficiary has a question or complaint, then he/she must make use of the online portal of Sarbat Sehat Bima Yojana Punjab .
  2. On the homepage, the candidate will see a tab that is marked as “Contact”
  3. Here, the candidate must type in the name, registered mobile number and then his/her question of complaint.
  4. To register it, he/she must click on the “Submit” button.

How to check the eligibility of the family?

  1. This eligibility check must be done via the official portal. 
  2. A box will come up on the screen that highlights the message “Is my family eligible?”
  3. The candidate must click on the box, and a new page will open. You can get to this eligibility checking page.
  4. Fill in the two fields with proper information and click on “Check Status” button.

As mentioned earlier, the state government was all set to launch the scheme in the beginning of July. However, delay due to official reasons has stalled the implementation for now. But the CM has assured the people that other aspects, which will aid the implementation, are on track. So, it is only a matter of time before the scheme is rolled out.

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