Har khet ko pani scheme Assam 2019-20

Har khet ko pani scheme Assam 2019-20 [Eligibility, Registration Form]

Assam is preparing to launch Har Khet Ko Pani scheme. The reason for launching the scheme is to improve farm productivity throughout the state. Also, with this scheme, the water resource can be utilized better for agricultural purposes. Under the scheme, near about 1.4 lakh agricultural lands have been included. So, with the implementation of the scheme, the agricultural productivity will increase in the state. In addition, CM of the state also asked for proper inspection of whether the entitled scheme is being effectively implemented or not. As you go through the following part of the article, you can check other relevant details related to the scheme. 

Har Khet Ko Pani Yojana Scheme in Assam

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the scheme


Har Khet Ko Pani Yojana Scheme in Assam
Main aim of the scheme


Improving farm productivity in Assam

Target group of scheme


Poor agricultural farmers of the state
Scheme will be launched by


Irrigation Department of the Government of Assam


Scheme will be announced in


Number of agricultural lands to be covered under the scheme  1.4 Lakh agricultural lands


Number of farmers to be benefited from the scheme 19000 farmers


What are the highlighting features of the scheme?

  • Main objective of the scheme – The main aim of the entitled scheme is to improve agricultural productivity in Assam. Also, this would help to increase better access to ground water. However, the scheme will benefit 14 districts.
  • Land allotment under the scheme – As per the rules of the scheme, near about 1.4 lakh agricultural lands will be benefitted. In addition, 4779 solar and electricity tube will be installed for the benefits of the farmers of the state.
  • Better utilization of groundwater – By effective implementation of the scheme, the state government is planning to make better use of underground water resource for improving irrigation facilities in the state. This way, the waste of water can be reduced throughout the state. It would also encourage farmers to maximize use of water, and it would help them in deploying better irrigation facilities.
  • Using waste water – By reducing the waste of water throughout the state, the program is trying to help farmers reuse the water wasted by Municipal Corporation for agricultural activities.
  • Proper managing of the scheme – The scheme will be monitored by NSC or National Steering Committee at the inter-ministerial level for fast implementation of scheme. This shall be of immense help for the farmers.

However, to gear up the irrigation activities and help farmers of the state, it is important to complete both minor and major irrigation projects that are pending. By completing the same, it would be easy to implement the above said one. 

What are the eligibility criteria and documents required for the scheme?

  • Residential identity – The farmers belonging only to Assam can avail the benefits of the entitled scheme. Farmers of other states cannot apply for the scheme benefits. Therefore, the farmers should produce relevant documents to claim the fact that they are the native dwellers of Assam.
  • State should have irrigation facilities – The state government will provide benefits of the scheme only to the ones who have a proper irrigation system to facilitate easy agricultural activities on the lands. Without developing irrigation plans, the farmers cannot enjoy the benefits of the scheme. So, farmers interested in receiving the government assistance should provide relevant documents when they are opting for the scheme benefits.     

Details of online registration for the scheme

Since the scheme is yet to be implemented, no such plans for online registration have come out yet. As soon as details are uploaded, the farmers will be the first one to know about it. For the same, they have to stay updated by frequently visiting the official portal of the scheme.    

Assam Chief Minister has proposed plans for making the Irrigation Department more farmers friendly. This can be done by enhancing the credibility and efficiency of the agricultural sector. In addition to this, Assam CM also advised for timely implementation of the scheme as it would benefit several farmers throughout the state. As per directions of the state CM, both minor and major irrigation projects would be taken care of throughout the state, and this would result in a better agricultural condition in the state. So, every day, more crops will be harvested and cultivated. Also, by proper implementation of the scheme, the state government aims to distribute and manage more agriculture-related activities throughout the state.

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