Jharkhand Governments Policy for the SC/ST Brilliant Students

Jharkhand Government Declares a Perfect Policy for the SC/ST Brilliant Students

Education of school students is a focus of major governments. While keeping a deep focus on them, often the state governments turn their face from the college students. Professional courses are growing at a rapid speed and students are also going fast for the studies. In this process, the poor and the backward classes are continuously going back. Seats are reserved for them in different exams, colleges, universities and even in jobs, but for all those, they must find the proper education. Keeping this very thing in view, Jharkhand Government declared an agenda.

Agenda In Brief

According to the agenda, state government declared that SC/ST students, willing to carry on their higher studies, will be given a loan up to 15 lac INR by the government. Thus they will not have to worry for their study, after getting admission in some of the reputed colleges for their higher studies.

View of Professionals

Some of the professionals have the view that is a great move from the government, for some reasons:

  • It is true that there are some of the brilliant students in the SC/ST group. Different governments are truly supporting them in their education, by inclusion of reserve seats, but they are not able to go for the study, since they have not the money to study the same.
  • Some are saying that governments reserving seats for the SC/ST, but how will they study in the colleges? There is no reservation or lessening of amount for the SC/ST.
  • A few are with the view that SC/ST seats are reserved in the jobs, but they are not filled at any places. For getting selected in the jobs, they must have some qualification and to get that qualification, there is need of study and professional courses needs money. How can they get that amount?

Supports Expected From the Policy

Answers to all the questions has been given by the Jharkhand Government. These loan facility will be serving the people of the state in different ways:

  • At the starting, this loan will facilitate the brilliant students to pursue their higher education, mainly for the easy approval of loan and secondly for the low interest rate.
  • The next support that this loan will be providing is mass education in the society of Jharkhand, where a bigger mass is with SC/ST background.
  • Thirdly, since this is a loan and not some type of donation, there is the order to repay those loans. Hence, it will ultimately support the state government to earn from the interest.
  • Finally, students will remain liable to repay the loans. So, they will not feel that they are being placed in some colleges, but they are only supported.

Salient Features of the Policy

  • Generally the ST students are provided with a loan of 7 Lac by the banks, but here Government is turning out to be the guarantor and making that loan amount till 15 lac INR, supporting the students to go for higher education, quite easily.
  • Loan repayment term always remained an obstacle for the SC/ST students till the recent past. The term of payment was initiated till 5 years, which was almost impossible for them. Now that has been extended till 30 years, by the state government, supporting all the brilliant students.
  • The policy also included an upgrade of the residential schools in the state. Previously they were confined to 1 grade only. After the declaration of the policy, the grading will be till 5 standard.
  • Another part of the Agenda states that free ST hostels will be accommodated, supporting the students in their education.
  • Finally, the agenda states about recruitment of special bench of nurses for the nursing colleges.

With all the moves from the government, it can be easily viewed that Jharkhand Government is really interested in building educated new generation for the state. The policy is sure to make the students of the state inspired from within. According to an estimation from the Government, there will be an assumed 20% hike in the rate of higher education among the SC/ST students.

An Aggressive move from Government

The acts will be made effective soon, so that the students can avail the facility from this educational year and participate more in the entrance exams. Different parts of the state have admired this move from government. Some are eyeing a social movement from the aspect of Government, where others are interested in the future strong generation from the state. The professionals are eyeing at a different fish eye. According to them, it will fetch a huge and stable income for the government in the coming future, both in the employment of public sectors and in collection of loan repayment.

Now is the time to wait for the results and watch out the effects of those. Feedback from different SC/ST communities in the state has not been recorded officially till now. Reaction of them in the procedure is definitely an important aspect to be watched at.

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