Aadhar Payment App (BHIM) Download – How To Use & Install in Android, Ios & Windows Store

Aadhar Payment App (BHIM) Download – How To Use & Install in Android, Ios & Windows Store

A new mobile application for making digital payments more easy and widespread is going to be launched very soon. This app will be named BHIM. This app is expected to solve all the worries related to cashless payment systems. This app has been launched by the IDFC Bank to support the mission of achieving Digital India. By this application, the merchants will be able to receive direct payment from their consumers, via Aadhar card. This entire procedure will no longer need remembering passwords and will only work with the touch of the finger.  After the demonetization drive by PM Narendra Modi on 8th Nov, 2016, the use of cashless transactions in the country has increased many folds and this Aadhar payment app will surely be a booster to achieve the goal of Modi Govt. to have a corrupt and black money free country.

Aadhar Payment App Download – How To Use & Install in Android, Ios & Windows Store

Platforms having the Aadhar Payment app support (BHIM)

One of the very important features of this mobile application is that it is compatible with almost all mobile phones available in the market. A maximum share of mobile phone users are Android based. Also there are remarkable number of mobile users with Ios and Windows OS. For the Android users, one can easily download the app from the play store. In case of Windows users, the app is available for download in the Windows app store. For those using Apple iPhones, they can download this app from their iTunes app market.

Aim of BHIM

In the recent fight to eradicate black money from our country and to make India, free from corruption, The Narendra Modi Govt. has taken several initiatives. One of the major steps taken by the government is to promote the cashless payment systems in the country and making use of cashless transactions on regular basis. However, total cashless system is impossible to achieve, our economic system might march towards a less-cash system. So uses of several cahless payment techniques are on a rise such as credit/debit card payments, net banking, wallet payment, etc. Now the Govt. has introduced another payment mode via Aadhar card. Customers will have to just provide their Aadhar details to the merchant and money will be deducted from the customer’s bank account which is linked with the Aadhar card.

Things required for Aadhar transactions through IDFC Aadhar Payment App

The Aadhar payment app can easily be downloaded and used in any mobile phone, be it Android or Iphone or Windows. The interface of this app is kept very simple for everyone to pick it up easily and will not need much technical knowledge to understand its functionality. After download, they must register themselves with the portal. They will have to enter their bank details which will be used to credit money after successful transactions by consumers via their Aadhar cards. Another device which is needed for this mode of transaction is a biometric device / reader. This biometric device will be used to capture the finger print of the consumer from whom, payment will be received. The price of one such biometric reader in present market is around Rs. 2,000.  There should be internet connectivity available in the handset. It is advisable to set up Wi-fi in the merchant place to get uninterrupted internet connection for cashless transactions.

How BHIM app will work?

After the set up of the entire system required for Aadhar payment, the following steps are needed to be followed for hassle free cashless payment through Aadhar card:

  • The merchant makes one time registration for this application through their mobile phone. This will ask the merchant to include his/her bank account, which will be used for money credit after successful transactions.
  • Connect the phone with the Aadhar payment app with the biometric reader via a USB data cable.
  • During making a transaction, enter the 16 digit Aadhar no. of the consumer in the application.
  • Ask the consumer to put thumb impression on the biometric reader so that it fetches the Aadhar data of the consumer.
  • After this, the app will automatically fetch the bank details of the consumer. At present nearly 40 crore bank accounts are linked with Aadhar cards of the respective beneficiaries, in the country. If it does not fetch any bank details, then the merchant may exit the transaction process and follow another mode of payment.
  • No password or mobile phone OTP verification is required to carry out the transaction process through the Aadhar payment app. The finger print and the linking of the Aadhar card with bank account are the only mandatory elements.
  • Aadhar card of a person is always unique. So one customer who has multiple bank accounts may link their accounts with the Aadhar card and enjoy cash free payment from any of the linked accounts.
  • After successful transaction, the consumer will get a transaction message in their registered mobile no. and the money will be credited in the bank account of the merchant.


In the country, the only cashless payment systems widely used in markets and local shops are the credit and debit cards. This is done with the help of POS machines which are installed in big shop, restaurants, movie theatres, fuel pumps, etc. As per reports, only 15 lakh POS machines are available throughout the country. This is not sufficient to carry out cashless transactions of our entire population. So payment with the help of Aadhar cards is a great procedure which is easy, secure and extra-charge free. Whereas the common credit card and debit card companies charge extra for transactions. The only need of the hour is to link the bank accounts with the Aadhar card to make hassle free and cashless transaction just by using Aadhar no. Another advantage of this application is the maximum security. Without the fingerprint touch, payment will not be completed. Also the biometric details of each and every consumer will be in track, which will help eradicate corruption from its roots.

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