YSR Pension Kanuka Scheme AP

YSR Pension Kanuka Scheme in Andhra Pradesh 2019-20 [Eligibility, Online Application form Process, Pension Amount,  Search Check Name, List]

The YSR Pension Kanuka scheme was conceived by the state government of Andhra Pradesh. The scheme was launched this year in May for the welfare of the people live in Andhra Pradesh. The objective of the scheme is to provide monetary assistance to the people of the 60 years or more, people who are physically disable, widows, and the people who work in the unorganized sector. The beneficiary will receive pension on a monthly basis that will help them to live a quality life. The details of the scheme are given below.

YSR Pension Kanuka in AP

Launch table

Name of scheme YSR Pension Kanuka Scheme AP
Scheme has been launched by Andhra Pradesh state government
Launched in May 2019
Target group of scheme  Senior citizens belonging to BPL, widow and disabled pensioners
Pension amount allotted every month Rupees 2250
Official Portal https://sspensions.ap.gov.in/

 Key features of the scheme

  • Objective of the scheme- As soon as the scheme was launched by the AP government the objective of the scheme has become to provide a social and financial security to the people of the state who are in dire. The people like aged pensioners belongs to marginal community, disable people, widows, kidney patients, people who are the unorganized labors etc. will receive the financial support.
  • Amount of the pension- According to the rule of the scheme the people who are of 60 years old or more will receive an amount of 2250 rupees as pension per month. The amount will be hiked by 250 rupees per year, and the amount will be 3000 rupees in the fourth year.
  • The distribution of the amount – According to the rule of the scheme the physically disables will receive monthly 3000 rupees per month as a pension. On the other hand, the people who are suffering from kidney failure will receive 10,000 rupees per month.
  • Target beneficiaries – According to the rule of the scheme, the target beneficiaries of the scheme are aged people who worked in the unorganized sector, the people with disabilities. Kidney illness and widows. People who belong to economically backward classes will receive the benefit of the scheme.
  • Connecting with bank account – According to the rule, the money will be transferred to the bank account of the beneficiary.

Eligibility criteria of the scheme

  • Resident of the state- In order to avail the benefit of the scheme the people need to resident of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Eligible age- The people who are applying for the scheme for the old-age pension needs to be at least 60 years old.
  • Eligibility criteria for the BPLs – The scheme is applicable for the people who belong to economically backward class; in that case the candidate needs to have white card.

Required documents 

  • Residential proof – As the scheme is only applicable for the people who are the resident of the state; so, they need to produce ID proofs like voter card, Aadhar card. The candidates are asked produce relevant certificate if the candidate is widow or physically handicapped. To prove the age the candidates may submit their birth certificate.
  • Certificate that proves the category – The candidates are asked to submit the certificate that proves their category in the society. If they claim to be the BPL category, then they need to produce BPL certificate at the time of registration.
  • Details about the bank account – The candidates are asked to produce the bank account details at the time of registration. The government has done this policy to make the transaction of money transparent. This is the reason the candidates need to submit the account details so that the account can be linked with scheme. The amount of the pension will be credited directly to the bank account.

Registration process of the scheme

As the scheme is recently launched by the state government of Andhra Pradesh the registration process is not declared yet. Once the process is revealed the beneficiary will know the process. The beneficiaries are needed to visit the official portal of the scheme so that get the latest update. In order to get the update the beneficiaries are asked to check the portal on regular interval. It is believed that, as soon as the registration procedure will be released they will get the update on the portal. The authority will take care of the process.

As the objective of the scheme is support the people who are not in the great state; so, the scheme will prefer the people who live in rural areas of Andhra Pradesh. In order to monitor the scheme the officers of Mandal Parishad Development will be appointed. The aim of the state government is to provide the financial support to the people coming from backward classes with poor economic condition both in rural and urban areas; so, the government has increased the amount of pension. It is believed that this scheme might improve the condition of the target people of Andhra Pradesh.

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