YSR Amma Vodi Scheme in Andhra Pradesh 2019-20

YSR Amma Vodi Scheme in AP 2019-20 (Navaratnalu) [Eligibility, Registration Form, Financial Assitance to mothers]

Andhra Pradesh literacy rate has improved to 67.02% according to the 2011 census report. Along with this, the government bodies are trying to prevent school dropout problems by enabling better facilities in school. The student’s welfare scheme has started in this way and it has been named as YSR Amma Vodi scheme in Andhra Pradesh. The objective of the scheme is to help students by providing financial help to their mothers on their behalf. This way, the families will have money to send their children to school instead of compelling them to give up studies due to monetary issues. Read through the following part of the article to know about eligibility criteria and other relevant details relating to the entitled scheme.

YSR Amma Vodi Scheme In Andhra Pradesh

Launch details of scheme

Name of the scheme Amma Vodi scheme
Scheme has been started by Jagan Mohan Reddy, CM of Andhra Pradesh
Scheme launched in Andhra Pradesh
Scheme has been launched in June 2019
Official launch date of scheme January, 2020
Target group of scheme Mothers of poor students 
Scheme will be supervised by AP Education Department
Beneficiary amount to be given to student’s mothers Rupees 1500

Key features of Amma Vodi scheme

  • Improvement in education sector – The main focus of the above said scheme is to help improve the overall educational sector. The scheme will work in the grass-root level such that students can easily continue with higher education instead of dropping out in junior classes. So, for this, the student’s family needs financial support that would help them to send the children to school and complete their education.
  • Improved literacy rate – By giving financial help, it will help to enhance the literacy rate of the state. However, in this way, the literacy rate will increase yearly.
  • Better financial help – The mothers of the students will be given rupees 15000. The beneficiary amount will be provided by the state government but frequently of the financial help is yet to be declared by higher authorities.
  • Monetary help to mother’s accounts – For giving better education to children, mothers will always try their best. With help of this scheme, mothers will help secure the required finances so that they can send their child to school. So, mothers have to apply under the scheme on behalf of their children. The mothers should give details of their bank account such that the beneficiary amount will be credited in the bank account.
  • Reduce in dropout percentage – If the scheme can be implemented effectively, it will help eradicate monetary problems. Following this, more students will start to join the school instead of dropping out in the middle. The financial help will enable parents to send them schools and this will drastically lower school dropout rate in the state.
  • Types of schools included in scheme – Only students belonging to government, non-government and private schools are eligible for the scheme perks. Students from other schools do not apply to avail scheme benefits.

Eligibility criteria of the scheme

  • Residential proof – The main focus of the scheme is to improve the educational condition in Andhra Pradesh. So it aims only for the legal residents of the state who will get financial help. Therefore, only students who are permanent dwellers of the state will get the scheme perks.
  • Inclusion of intermediate students – Previously, the scheme benefits could only be availed by high school students. But recently, the benefits have been extended to intermediate students as well. So, students who are currently studying in intermediate level can opt for scheme perks.
  • State run schools – Only the students of the state run schools are eligible to get scheme benefits. Students from other schools cannot apply for the scheme. Also, the student must be a regular one to get the benefits.
  • Active bank account –The student’s mother must have an active bank account. It will be linked with the scheme as the financial help will be credited directly in the account. This help will be utilized for educational growth of the pupils.

Documents to be produced at the time of registration

  • Residential documents – Applicants have to provide residential documents to ensure that they only belong to the state of Andhra Pradesh. Candidates from no other states are eligible to get the scheme benefits.
  • Intermediate student – Students should furnish documents that prove that students are studying in intermediate standards. This shall help higher authorities to check claims made by the students.
  • State run school – The student has to produce documents in support of their claim that they study in state run schools. Only the state run school students can get the financial help under the scheme.
  • Bank account details – Student’s mother should produce documents like account holder’s name, IFSC code and other relevant details. This will be required for easy bank transfer of the student’s grant money.

Online Application Form scheme

The state government is yet to go a long way even after proper launch of the scheme. The final launch has been finalized to take place on 26th Jan 2020. So, the details of the registration are yet to be declared by the state government. Also, the mode of registration is not yet decided by the state government. As soon as comes up, the beneficiaries will be the first one to know about it.

With successful implementation of the scheme, it can be expected to improve literacy rate of the overall state and help students pursue higher education as per choice. Along with this, the education department will notice a significant improvement in less number of dropouts from schools.

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