Tamil Nadu Fixes COVID-19 Treatment Rates for Private Hospitals under CMCHIS

Tamil Nadu Govt. Fixes COVID-19 Treatment Rates for Private Hospitals under CMCHIS

 The Tamil Nadu government has intervened in the healthcare system of the state to fix the rate of the COVID-19 treatment in the private hospitals. The government did this on 4th June 2020 and due to this step people will get the assistance from the government under Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme for getting the best treatment from the private hospitals. Due to the fixed rate the hospitals can charge maximum of 5,000 rupees per day in the general ward. The general ward is for the patients who have mild symptoms of the disease.

However, there is a rule of application of the rates of treatment for COVID-19 and they are- the rate will be applicable on the A1, A2, A3 and A4 hospitals. Due to the step the patients do not have to pay the cost of the treatment and hospitals cannot impose any of their terms and condition on the COVID-19 patients. Nevertheless, the rate is for the corona affected patients under the CMCHIS will be driven by the facilities that they are taking from the private hospitals and the symptoms they are dealing with. The private hospitals are informed that the rate will be applicable on the beneficiaries of the scheme.

Details about the rate

 According to the Tamil Nadu government the rate for A1 or A2 hospitals will be 10,000 to 15,000 rupees, and for the A3 or A4 hospitals 9000 to 13500 rupees. The rate will cover the Intensive Care Unit facilities for the patients. It is also said that action will be taken against those hospitals that will charge money from the beneficiary patients. Apart from that, the government also asked the private hospitals to reserve 25% of total beds for the corona infected patients.

As per the reports, Tamil Nadu is dealing with 25,872 COVID-19 cases, and among them 11,348 are active, 14,316 are cured and released from the hospitals till date. The death toll of the state due to COVID-19 is 208. On the other hand, in India the cases took a record leap with 9,304 cases on 5 June 2020. The number of cases that are recorded all over the nation is 2, 16,919 among which 1, 06,737 cases are active, and 1, 04,106 people have cured from the disease. The death toll around the nation is 6,075.

Before announcing the fixed-rate a committee has submitted a report regarding private hospital cost to the government and later the repost was approved by the Tamil Nadu govt. and then rate was fixed for COVID-19 treatment at the private hospitals. In order to know more about it one can contact at 18004253993.

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