Mudra Yojana Scheme for Women

Mudra Yojana Scheme for Women

India is a nation where women empowerment is yet to take place, especially in the rural and semi urban areas, where they are still looked down as the weaker and incapable sex. When women are struggling for their basic rights, it is almost near to impossible to make any sort of progress or development as a nation in the global village that we live in today. The Mudra Yojana Scheme launched by the Government of India is trying its very best to improve the status of women by providing loans and encouraging them to start new ventures and thereby empowering them by providing a financial security of individual income. A specified sum of money is allotted to be funded to just the women entrepreneurs or the WomenPreneurs, a wise decision implemented by the Indian Government.

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What is Needed to be an Entrepreneur?

Lack of capital income was the main contributing factor that held women back all these days. Without proper education or collateral, loans are also not possible to get. With this issue now cleared, reports show that more and more women are climbing out of their shells into the real world and trying their hand at becoming entrepreneurs. To excel as a woman in the world requires grit and determination and it is not possible; this is what the rural women have grown up hearing. But, to develop a nation it is vital to empower women and bring them at par with men and that is exactly what this government scheme proposes to do by breaking the gender barrier.

Various Features of this Scheme

Beauty parlours, tailoring units, tuition centres and various other small ventures are being started by women with this scheme operating in full swing. Groups of women who get together to start joint ventures will also receive loans and funds under this scheme, provided they are eligible according to the predefined terms and conditions. The fact that this loan is collateral free is in fact a big boon to them, for it takes off a huge burden from their backs. The loaning procedure is quite simple. The eligible applicants will be verified using a few formalities. The verified female citizens will then receive a Mudra card which they can use to buy the required material to start their business. Women will also receive loans under the Shishu, Kishor and Tarun schemes, depending on the nature as well as state of establishment of the business. The procedure is same as for the others.

How Do Banks Help?

Banks are churning out loans to women who are happily starting or developing their ventures. The amount of money refinanced is expected to increase with the success rate of the Mudra Yojana Loaning Scheme.  In the next year, the number of women benefitted by this scheme is expected to be at the least doubled or probably even tripled.

A minor portion of women population are also tapping the benefits of Mudra by aiding their husbands buy vehicles like auto rickshaws or trucks. Though this is not exactly in line with benefitting the female gender to attain equal rights, it does help the family move a step further and thereby does contribute to the development of the nation in a different form.

What is the Main Aim of this Scheme?

Of all the steps and initiatives proposed and implemented by the Government, this by far seems to be the most revolutionary one, causing a storm in the non-urban portions. As the females in India become entrepreneurs, they will find themselves being looked upon with a new found respect. It’s with little steps like these that our India will transform from a developing nation to a developed nation.

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  1. Hdfcbank is not funding loans under this scheme. I am a service cable tv service provider,want to upgrade & expand my business. But hdfc bank is not interested to provide loans in west Bengal. ….plz RBI/PMO/Finance Department take necessary steps



  3. Hi
    I am ayurvedic ayurvedic doctor & practicing in satara(M.S). I want to start the ayurvedic pharmaceutical company. I had RCC building. I require loan for machinery & renovations as per Food & drug rules. How can I get loan from mudra or PMEJP ? In satara SBI & IDBI bank don’t take loan . Please reply me.

  4. I enquired for a loan under MUDRA scheme for starting an Electrical shop atSouth indian bank .They asked collateral for loan where ads say that no collateral needed for mudra loan.Banks are not interested to give loan under this scheme and yet nothing can do legally against them.This means the poor will remain poor.This kind of schemes desighned for the needees is not helping them

  5. Dear Sir,
    I want a loan of minimum ammount of 300000 (3 lakhs) to buy a new vehicle for my husband as he can,t do job he can only drive and now the conditions in faridabad are such expensive that a middle class people cant affort i want a loan but not getting a loan form any bank
    So, plz help me out that i can get a loan

  6. I am a artist and i want start a opeming abeaut parlour. can i apply the mudra yojna loan. i am pg in drawing & painting with frist class. i am living in ghazizaba. how to apply the loan sCheme.

  7. Dear Sir,
    I want to a loan from Mudra bank for healp to my husband to starting a flex printing unit.please help me for procedure.

  8. Sir I am from Hyderabad,I live near Bachupally,Hyderabad. I am a schoolbags and backpacks trader.When ever I approach my nearest SBI branch in which I have a current account for Mudra loans the bank manager humiliates me. I need the bank loan to further develop my business so that I can open a retail out of now I sell bags from my home.Please help me in this regards.

  9. Sir, I have a small tailoring unit in Delhi. I am single but don’t have funds to carry my business please I need help. Contact me.

  10. Greetings,

    I need personal loan for my higher studies & to clear my debts,Please provide me personal loan RS 100000

  11. I am a beautician and wish to open my beauty parlour.. I was wondering if I can apply for Mudra loan.. as hdfc bank not offering.. what is the procedure and how to proceed?

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