National Agriculture Market eNAM

National Agriculture Market or eNAM Portal [Farmer Registration Form Online, Prices, Mandi List, Full Form] 

The central government developed a new centrally monitored system that was targeted towards the development of farmers and traders in the rural areas. The name of the project is National Agriculture Market or eNAM. It is a unique agricultural portal via which traders and agricultural workers can buy or sell crops. All stable food crops have been included in the commodity list. In this article, you will learn about the features, advantages and farmer application process.

National Agriculture Market or eNAM

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the scheme (Full Form) National Agriculture Market or eNAM
Launched in India
Launched by Narendra Modi
Date of announcement 2016
Official launch date 14th April 2016
Initial location Hospet
Supervised by Ministry of Agriculture
Official website


Important dates

Activities Tentative date of implementation
UTA and Software Approval, Development, System installation in Mandies April 2016 (tentatively)
Software installation for selected 200 Mandis 30th September 2016 (tentatively)
Software installation for send batch of 200 Mandis 31st March 2017 (tentatively)
Software installation in remaining 185 Mandis 31st March 2018 (tentatively)


Key features of the scheme

  1. Number of selected products – During the official launch of the eNAM scheme, the Minister of Agriculture published a list of crops, which will be included in the list. Till date, 90 agricultural products have been added to the list.
  2. Use of modern technology – The scheme takes a step towards the modernization of the market system and purchase and sale of crops in the mandis. The main highlight of the scheme is the implementation of central software that will link the mandis.
  3. Selections of local mandis – During the implementation of the scheme, some local mandis were selected from every state. The eNAM implementation was to be done in these markets on a pilot basis. Once the system is properly established, the online system will be applied in other local agro-markets as well. During the primary phases, 585 markets were selected for the eNAM project.
  4. Special permit for the traders – Only those traders and farmers will be allowed to partake in the eNAM scheme that register and attain central permits.
  5. Extent of permit validity – Once the applicants get their permits, the farmers and traders will be able to sell and purchase crops from mandis, which are established inside the native state as well as the other regions.
  6. Automated bookkeeping – Bookkeeping and account maintenance are two other facilities, which will be available to the registered traders and farmers. The use of modern technology will make bookkeeping easy and flawless.
  7. Healthy competition among traders – As more and more traders, farmers and mandis participate in the eNAM scheme, it will create a healthy competition among the players. It will positively impact the crop market and agricultural sector in India.

Advantages of the eNAM Scheme

  1. Transparent trading – The implementation of the online trading portal will bring in adequate transparency in the process. Thus, farmers and traders will not have to worry about middlemen and corrupt practices.
  2. Quick access to price details – Farmers, traders and the members of the mandis will be able to log in on the official portal or eNAM mobile app to check out the market price of the agricultural product.
  3. Adequate price realization – Corrupt practices prevent the crop producers to make a satisfactory profit by selling their produce in the markets. With the installation of the online trading platform, these malicious practices can be eliminated. Thus, crop producers can ensure that chances of making profits.
  4. Low transaction costs – As the bulk buying and selling will be done through the centralized online portal that links all the mandis in the state, there will be a considerable reduction in the transaction expenses.
  5. Price stability and availability – The implementation of the scheme ensures that the price of the crops will not fluctuate too much. It offers stability not only to the farmers’ income but also to the market. Additionally, the interested buyers will be able to check the availability of the necessary crops.
  6. Certification and logistic facilities – Apart from creating a uniform platform for the crop buyers and sellers, this system will also offer certificate to the farmers and traders. The program also has the provisions for offering logistic facilities for the easy transport of the crops.
  7. Improved supply chain – Any disparities between the supply and demand will pave the path for the downfall of the mandies. As selected market places in every state will be interlinked, the poor performance of the traders in one market will impact the others as well. With the implementation of eNAM scheme, the central government will be able to enhance the efficiency of the goods supply chains.
  8. Delivery and payment guarantee – As the transactions will take place between registered farmers and traders, through the online portal, one can be rest assured about the timely delivery of the crops. Additionally, there is assurance of payment as the money will be transferred in the bank account of the farmers via online payment gateways.
  9. Better market accessibility – Lack of proper markets pose another difficulty for the farmers and traders. The implementation of this tech savvy scheme will also pave the path for the construction and modernization of the mandis in every state.
  10. Flawless transactions – As all the transaction-related details will be available on the portal, the chances of errors will be eliminated. In case the farmers want to revert back to the deal information, they can log in on the portal accordingly.

How can farmers enroll through the E-nam portal?

  1. The official link to gain access to the eNAM portal is Farmers, who are interested in registering for the scheme, can log in on the portal.
  2. The applicants can directly get to the enrollment page by clicking on the link
  3. In the ““Registration Type” field, agricultural workers need to type in “Farmer.”
  4. After this, the farmer must indicate the “APMC” from the field that is marked so.
  5. Then the farmer must type in his email ID. It will trigger the portal to send the password and login ID on this mail address. However, these credentials will be temporary, and can be changes after the official farmer registration is done.
  6. On the top of the homepage, there is a button that is marked as “Login Here.”
  7. It will initiate a flashing message that says “Click here to register with APMC”
  8. As soon as the applicant clicks on this link, a new page will open and it will have the online application form.
  9. The farmers must fill in the digitized form with necessary details and then submit it.
  10. Once the KYC documents has been filled in and submitted, the details will be sent to the central database for official approval.
  11. If the application form has been filled in and submitted properly, then the farmer will attain a confirmation via email.
  12. Farmers can also check the status of their application status.
  13. As soon as the application is approved, the applicant will receive unique registration code and password.

eNAM mobile application

  1. Apart from the official portal, registered farmers, traders, members of the market board and other associated people can attain the scheme-related information though the official mobile app.
  2. To acquire information about the eNAM application, candidates need to click on the link
  3. Candidates can search for the application on the Google Play Store as well. Type in the eNAM app in the search bar.
  4. Once the app comes up, candidates need to click on the download button.
  5. When the download is complete, applicants need to install the app in the smartphone by clicking on the “Install” button.
  6. Once the installation is complete, applicants need to register their mobile numbers on the app and activate it.
  7. The app offers all facilities, which are present on the official portal of the scheme.

Helpline number

The official toll free helpline number of the eNAM scheme is 1800 270 0224. Interested candidates must call on all weekdays, between 9:30 AM and 06:00 PM. One can also submit a complaint via the official portal by filling in a digitized grievance form, available on the Contact Us page. If you want to gain access to this form, click on the link Interested applicants can send any query mails on the e-mail IDs or

Agricultural prosperity of the farmers depends on the opportunities of crop sale and purchase in the mandis or agricultural market places. The central government’s eNAM scheme is a bold step that uses special software and technologies, which are monitored by the central agricultural department. With time, more developments will be made for the betterment of the agricultural workers and traders in the country.

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