Kaushal Vikas Yojana – Bridging the Skill Gap in India

Kaushal Vikas Yojana – Bridging the Skill Gap in India

When compared to the skilled workforce all across the globe, the percentage of skilled people in India is abysmally low. A report suggests that India is going to be the world youngest country in the coming years. However, there is a tremendous lack of formal vocational education, leaving ninety percent of the labor force, working in poor conditions and awfully low income levels.

More and more youth are seeking better job opportunities and better working environment. Employers are also seeking to employ people who are better trained. The skill of Indian working force is not only need to be developed; it needs to be utilized properly. To take the advantage of increasing young working population of the country and to ensure that they are properly skilled for the benefit of the nation, the government has formed Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE), which will have a number of responsibilities to ensure that the skill gap is bridged.

MSDE has implemented the Kaushal Vikas Yojana to ensure that the percentage of skilled workforce in India reaches the number one position in the world ranking.

Objectives of Kaushal Vikas Yojana

The Kaushal Vikas Yojana aims at promoting the consistency and equality in the certification process. It also aims at kick off a registry system to keep the record of skills. The scheme targets the youth of India to provide them trainings for enhancing their skills to ensure that they have the required talent set to get a job and earn their income. The scheme also seeks to boost the efficiency and productivity of the current workforce of the country.

The scheme plans to pay incentives for taking up skill training courses. Upon successful completion and getting the certification, the youth is titled to get a monetary award. This will promote and encourage younger people to take up skill trainings and increase the employment and productivity of the country.

The scheme has an outlay of 1,500 crore rupees, and aims to benefit 2.4 million young Indian workforce in enhancing their skill sets and productivity.

Process of Enrollment and Earn Monetary Reward

The young people who are looking to enhance their skills to gain meaningful employment and earn their livelihood can go to any training centers mentioned at the scheme website, and select the course he or she wants to take. The training provider will ensure that all the required details of the candidate are entered in the SDMS. After the training period, the trainee has to undergo an assessment test. Once the assessment is effectively completed, the candidate can get certificate and monetary reward.

Other Features

Sector Skills Councils are responsible for formulating the standards for these trainings and assessments. Those who are looking to get benefited under this scheme have to meet the eligibility criteria of this scheme. The skill development training and the sector should both be considered eligible by the scheme, to avail the benefit of this scheme. The candidate should also complete the certification within one year of the launch of the scheme. The candidate though can enroll to multiple trainings at once, can avail the monetary reward for only one time.

There is no age limit for the candidate to get enrolled in the scheme. However, for each certification course there is a minimum and maximum age eligibility criteria. The assessment will be conducted by independent agencies which will be approved and appointed by SSC. The candidate should also keep in mind that this scheme is only for developing the skill set of the candidate and providing them certificates to enhance their chances of getting employment opportunity. However, the scheme does not partake in any placement programs and does not guarantee the job for the candidate.

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