Is CIBIL Score Required To Get Mudra Loan?

Is CIBIL Score Required To Get Mudra Loan?

No, CIBIL Score is not required to get Mudra Loans because Mudra Loans are intended to help people who want to start new businesses or want to grow their existing business. Many of them might be in a position to pay their dues anyhow and they are not getting loans from anywhere and that is why the scheme of Mudra Loan was launched to help them.

To get a better understanding of the topic, first of all we should know what CIBIL score is and how it plays an important role in getting a loan from a bank. During your school or college days, you used to get certificate that you are eligible to get admission for next grade of to pursue a course of your choice. Same thing happens with the CIBIL Score certificate because CIBIL is a kind of certificate, which make the banks and financial organizations to know the financial status of yours, your relation with your bank, are you paying your installments on time or not, are you a defaulter or not and also about your bank account and balance etc.

How To Improve Your CIBIL Score?

Pay Your Dues On Time The most vital factor to increase your CIBIL Score is to pay your dues on time. On the off chance that you are paying your dues after the due date then it will surely affect your CIBIL Score. If you’re paying your installments manually then it will be good for you to opt for the ECS because after opting for ECS your installments will be automatically deducted from your account of bank on time.
Think Smartly Before Taking Any Loan There’re two types of loan, one is secured and other is unsecured. Secured loans are educational loans and home loans. Is you take home loan and fail to pay then bank will sell the house and so it is beneficial for the bank to give such kind of loan. Whereas unsecured loans are Credit Cards, Car Loans, Personal Loans, etc., which are risky for the banks because if a card holder doesn’t pay the dues then bank has to search for that person and if they don’t find that person then they can’t take the money from him/her. So, it will be good to take secured loans instead of unsecured.


Don’t Use Multiple Credit Cards No doubt that Credit Cards provides lots of benefits but don’t use multiple Credit Cards because it will hamper you only and give benefits to the banks. Using multiple Credit Cards will lower your CIBIL score so it will be good to avoid this practice. And the most important this is that you must use your Credit Card intelligently.


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  1. Sir , already my bathroom fitting connection pipe production is just started ,iwant Mudra loan of 500000rs pl tell me can I get this loan .Mudra loan required cibil report

  2. I am doing a job work in jewellery sector but now I want to start my own manufacturing business in artificial jewellery. I want to take a muudra shishu loan of rs.50000 for that. My saving account is with ICICI bank and with united bank of India in Jaipur city. But both banks are denying for mudra loan by saying that ” HAMARA TARGET PURA HO GAYA HEI”. What to do now? Please help.

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