Delhi Government To Promote Free Diagnostic Tests

Delhi Government To Promote Free Diagnostic Tests

The Delhi government has announced a Free Diagnostic Tests scheme that will help people with managing their health needs around the area. This is to help people with getting free tests and surgical services. It is especially a necessity for people around the area who have been dealing with various physical issues. It is especially useful for those who may require surgical services although updates to the scheme will make that point a little clearer.

Delhi Government To Promote Free Diagnostic Tests

Important Points For Eligibility

There are a few important aspects to look into when it comes to the Free Diagnostic Tests scheme. Much of this involves eligibility requirements:

  • Tests will be available to people who have been living in Delhi for the past three years. This is to ensure that the scheme is used by those who are actually in Delhi.
  • People who are poor can also benefit from the scheme. Those whose annual family incomes are under Rs. 3 lakh can qualify for the program.
  • A person must be referred to a proper hospital. These include hospitals that are run by the Delhi government. People may be eligible for free services from different spots outside of these larger hospitals. This is with specialized treatments in mind.

Who Is Participating?

Free diagnostic tests are being provided by a variety of hospitals around Delhi. There are 21 private groups that are offered these tests. Again, a referral letter from one of the Delhi government hospitals will be required for free coverage at one of these smaller private groups. Fortunately, there are 30 different government hospitals that can help people with getting the approval they need.

What Tests Are Included?

The tests being offered in the Free Diagnostic Tests scheme include many tests relating to individual patient needs. These include MRI and CT tests and even PET scans. Ultrasounds may also be provided to expecting mothers. All these tests are essential to the needs that many parents may hold and can certainly make a real difference.

About the Surgeries

The surgical features of the scheme will be updated in the next few weeks. This will entail updates on eligibility among other points. The goal is to help people get free surgical support at private hospitals. These include many places that are operated by the government.

There is expected to be an update for which surgeries can be used in particular. This is especially for cases where a person has been waiting for a service from a government hospital for at least a month. The goal is to find a way to get proper medical services issued within a certain period of time. It will make a real difference when it comes to getting people the medical help that they require for a variety of key intentions.

The added support being provided to the people of Delhi through the Free Diagnostic Tests campaign is important to see. There is a good potential for people to receive plenty of health support for their needs without worrying about any significant problems that may come about with various health issues.

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