Captain Punjab Berojgari Bhatta Online Registration- Captain Berozgari Bhatta Card

Captain Punjab Berozgari Bhatta Online Registeration- Captain Berozgari Bhatta Card | One Job Per Family

While campaigning for his elections, captain Amarinder singh promised people of Punjab, that he will be distributing 50,00,000 smart phones, which will have free data. This move was then aimed at attracting more of young votes. Well! Campaign is over and he has won. Time to turn words into reality and Captain too is very much firm on his words.

Captain Punjab Berozgari Bhatta Online Registeration

Additional announcement was made regarding unemployment allowance – Berozgari bhatta. It is not just the state of Punjab. States like UP as well are on to release the amount for the people of their respective state.

What is ‘berozgari bhatta’?

The term can be taken as ‘unemployment allowance’ which is usually granted by the welfare economies in the developed nations. The funds granted are from the bank of social welfare of the state. This is given to people who are unemployed. The amount for purpose like these is usually small, yet, it is given to the citizens.

This compensation only covers the basic needs only. As per the rule, this amount cannot be taken by any; the person has to be registered under the category of ‘unemployed’. Also, the reports need to show that they tried looking for work but could not get it.

Announcement of Captain Amarinder Singh

While campaigning for elections, Captain had announced about berozgari bhatta in his state. The key highlights of the announcement concerning the same are mentioned below:-

  • The amount granted to citizens of Punjab shall be Rs. 2500 and for this, the person need to provide satisfactory proofs that he has not been getting employment.
  • The maximum duration for which this amount can be taken is 3 years. Beyond that receivers shall not receive the amount.
  • The minimum age to take the granted is 18 years and maximum is 35 years and there is a special card that shall be released by the Punjab state; the candidates must show the card to receive the amount.

A move like this is indeed a very positive initiative. This shall make the unemployed youth feel secured. Since they will have some amount to run their family with, this may encourage them to look for better jobs.

One job per family

This was the main concern of Captain. He was very keen on having at least one person per family employed. The features of the scheme are mentioned below:-

  • Under this, one person, per one family, shall be given employment. For this they need to have a special card, granted by the state.
  • The receivers of the provision shall be the younger members of the family. The age bracket defined is 18-35 years.

Since the results are out and congress is in power, citizens of Punjab are waiting for 100 days to see things happening in reality. The slogan supporting the moves is – ‘Captain ne saun chakki, har ghar ikk naukri pakki’.

Eligibility criteria

TO avail the benefits, applicants should fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria. IT is as follows:-

  • The applicant should be a permanent resident of Punjab and be between the age of 18-35. Else this shall not be applicable.
  • The applicant must be registered at any of the employment exchange. They must have passed minimum of class XII. They should have passed either from the Punjab board or any other recognized board.
  • Post graduate candidates, if are not registered at the employment exchange, may do so through the website.

 Process of registration – The berozgari bhatta card

TO able to avail benefits of the scheme, a card, needs to be taken. It is for the applicants eligible for the same. Just the way there is a unique number in Adhaar card, there is special number granted to such card holders as well. . This number is different for each holder.

Once the card is received, a number shall be given to the candidates to call on that. Post calling, the one on the other end, shall take and details and fulfill the formalities. Post all the formalities are fulfilled, the candidates need to co-operate for the verification process. Once all is done, the candidates will be eligible and will start receiving the amount.


Just the way President Trump has been planning to hire 15000 more officials to speed up the immigration process, similarly, the team of Captain Need special training and development. The work has begun and the people are at their places to learn the needful.

The team under the captaincy of Amrinder Singh is not keen on wasting time at all. They are at it and on it.

The anthropology

Team of Captain will be given 100 forms, per person, to commence the working. Initially the work is being executed at the district level. This will be a pilot test to see how things work at the developed areas. Through districts, Captain is targeting goof 40 lakh households.

The sublime concern behind a scheme this kind is to make the state – drug free. The youth, since many are unemployed, are falling to prey to such bad habits. This scheme shall prevent such issues and the keep the state at the path of progress.

Points of concern

For receiving unemployment allowance, one needs to have worked for at least a quarter of a year (for special cases). Moreover, this shall not be given to the ones who have been paid for their services already. There are many more criteria that need to be fulfilled before availing the benefits.

The fund that shall be raised for a provision like this will be derived or extracted from the money paid as tax by the companies. This tax is usually directly linked with the number of employees fired by them and the current number of employees.

Additional benefits in Punjab

Punjab government is not just into provisions of schemes like this but there are additional benefits too. One of those is unemployment allowance. For this benefit, the receiver needs to be a permanent resident of Punjab or Chandigarh. The family income should not be more then Rs. 1000/month. The amount varies. For some it is 150/month and for some it is Rs.450/month. TO avail these additional benefits, the candidates must inform the concerned officer about their ‘unemployment’ status, within six months of becoming so.


Yes, Captain Amarinder Singh is all set to give his words practical shape. But Punjab is not the only state which is on it. There are many more states which are on it. This move seems to have been inspired from the German philosophy- Catch them young. be it for employment to direct their energies, indeed this will keep the state protected.

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