How to Book or buy Reliance Jio 999 phone (Cash on Delivery option, Launch Date)

How to Book or buy Reliance Jio 999 phone (Cash on Delivery option, Launch Date) [Video shared by Technical Guruji]

The much awaited Reliance Jio 4G phones which is all set to hit the market at Rs. 999 is soon to be unveiled. Initially we heard that Jio will launch the phone in the first quarter of 2017. Jio has already set the bars very high with its 4G plans. Recently, Jio’s unlimited free calls and data plan has come to an end. But the plans are still giving stiff competition to the telecom companies in India.

How to Book or buy Reliance Jio 999 phone

With just 309 rupees you can avail the Jio offer for three months with high speed data and unlimited calling. Now the only thing that is left to be announced is the 4G phone. But now since a long time has passed since that announcement, we can expect the launch to happen very soon. Meanwhile let us check out the specifications, to know if this phone is really worth it.

Features are little known

Most of the features are still at the speculation level because the company has not disclosed anything officially. However, from some trusted sourced we have come to know that the phone will feature 8GB internal memory. For a device with 8GB ROM the company could give 1GB internal memory to make it run smoothly. If Reliance adds external expandable memory card support, it would definitely take the phone to another level. But then again the prices are also to be considered.

If claims are true then the company will take out another model of Rs. 1500. That model will feature some better improvements. Meanwhile the 999 rupees model will feature a 2MP camera on the rear end and a VGA camera on the front. The higher-end model will come with a 5MP rear camera. There is no word on the front camera for it yet.

Both the phones are likely to come with a power packed battery. The higher end model will feature a 2300 mAh battery while the cheaper of the two will feature an 1800 mAh battery. From this, we can gauge that the size of the 999 rupees phone will be smaller than 5-inches. The standard battery size for a 5inch model is 2300 mAh.

Both the phones will come with Wi-Fi support andBluetooth. Of course 4G connection will be provided in both the phones. However it is likely that the smaller variant won’t come with Android OS. It is most likely to come with Java support because it is an entry level phone.

How to book or buy the 999 Jio 4G phone?

To book the phone you will have to visit Jio store or online Jio website. Over there you will be given an option to choose the model that you want to buy. We will update you when the online booking starts. For now, Jio is yet to launch the online booking. There is a chance that only limited number of phones can be booked. This is why the services will be first come, first serve basis.

Rumors suggest that this phone will be sold via Flipkart. It will be a Flipkart exclusive and can be bought only on online stores. However for booking, you can do so via physical stores too. Jio can also sell it on its mobile MyJio app. We suggest you keep an eye out on this app for further details.It is not clear if Reliance Jio SIM card-holders will get an added benefit, but most probably having a 4G SIM will help users get the maximum benefits of this phone.

Since the phone is coming with 4G and right after the 4G SIM plans, it might only be for the 4G SIM users. Some are suggesting that this phone might even give stiff competition to the recently launched Nokia 3310. Will Jio then revive the free calling, free data and SMS plans once again after the launch of this phone? Keep an eye on this space to know more!

Reliance Jio 999 phone launch date

Earlier the phone was said to launch on April 15th, 2017. But now the launch date has been pushed behind further. Although we don’t know the launch date yet, it is believed to launch this month itself. Once it is officially announced, the bookings will begin and only then you will be able to purchase it on online stores.

Video Shared by Technical Guruji Gaurav

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