Dr. YSR Aarogyasri Scheme 2019 AP [List]

Dr. YSR Aarogyasri Scheme in Andhra Pradesh 2019-20 [Eligibility Criteria, Health Card Status Check, Application Form Online Download, Hospital list, Surgery list]

The Andhra Pradesh government has launched the YSR Arogyasri Scheme. This scheme is the result of re-launch of a scheme in Andhra Pradesh in 2014. The guidelines for the entitled scheme have also been improved CM of the state. The main objective of the current scheme is to provide treatment assistance to needy people of the state. The following part of the article will take you through eligibility criteria and other relevant details relating to the scheme.  

YSR Arogyasri Scheme AP

Name of scheme


YSR Arogyasri Scheme
Target group of scheme


Needy people of Andhra Pradesh
Main objective of scheme


Provide free treatment to poor people of Andhra Pradesh
Scheme launched in


Andhra Pradesh
Scheme announced by


Jagan Mohan Reddy
Date of scheme re-launch June 2019
Scheme has been announced at Tadepalli Camp
Original date of scheme launch 2016
Scheme will be supervised by Health, medical along with family welfare department
Official Website  http://www.ysraarogyasri.ap.gov.in/

 What are the highlighting features of YSR Arogyasri Scheme?

  • Improving health conditions – The scheme has been planned to improve the overall health condition in the state. Health facilities will be made available for all and not only for rich people. With proper implementation of the medical welfare scheme, the needy people will be helped in the state.
  • Providing medical expenses – For meeting medical expenses above rupees 1000, applicants can avail the above-said scheme benefits. The beneficiaries have to apply under the scheme to get the perks.
  • Proper medical coverage – Under the scheme, both middle-class and poor households can opt for free treatment facilities, unlike the previous time when only the families belonging to BPL group was covered.
  • Renewal facility for medical treatment – The low-income families can renew medical insurance for one year. Before one year’s time end, the beneficiaries can opt for insurance renewal for the coming year.
  • Listed hospitals under the scheme –The beneficiaries can look for treatment in government hospitals linked with the scheme. Also, some private hospitals have also been linked with the scheme to provide free medical facilities to beneficiaries.
  • Improved salary of ASHA workers –The salary of ASHA workers is provided by the state government. CM further said that the ASHA workers bridge the difference between the poor people living in both rural and urban places. So, they deserve the remuneration as per their job. Keeping this in mind, the salary scale has been improved from rupees 3000 to rupees 10000.
  • Medical cards facilities –Medical cards will be issued from the state government and beneficiaries have to produce the same when they go to the empaneled hospital for free medical help. In this regard, 1040 operations have been included within the card.
  • Diseases included in the card – Most tertiary and secondary diseases are included in the medical card issued. Some diseases are listed in the card. However, for any serious illness, the beneficiary can seek medical assistance.

What are the eligibility criteria for the scheme?

  • Residential proof – As the scheme will be funded and operated by Andhra Pradesh state government, only the citizens of the state can avail the scheme perks. No other citizens from other states can get scheme benefits.
  • Income proof – The free treatment given under the scheme will be applicable only for the middle-class families. If the annual income excess rupees 5 lakhs, then the family cannot get the scheme benefits.
  • BPL families – The poor families can get the scheme benefits. For this, the new BPL families have to enroll themselves with suitable documents. This is similar to its previous scheme benefits.
  • Medical documents – The medical expenditure should be more than rupees 1000 to get the scheme benefits. The medical papers should be given at the time of registration. After properly examining the papers, the higher authorities will decide whether the patient is eligible to get the scheme benefits or not.
  • Identity details – Applicants should provide identity details to ensure that they belong to Andhra Pradesh only. The identity documents should be issued by the government.

Documents required under the scheme

  • Residential document – Interested candidates have to provide residential legal papers at the time of opting for the scheme benefits. The scheme benefits can only be availed by the citizens of the state.
  • Income certificate –To support the claim of beneficiaries that the annual income is less than rupees 5 lakhs, they have to furnish relevant documents. These should be given at the time of registration for the scheme.
  • BPL certificates – The candidates must attach the BPL certificate at the time of online registration to avail scheme benefits. This will prove whether the family belongs to the BPL group or not.
  • Medical documents – Candidates should produce medical documents along with test reports to provide details of the condition of the patient.
  • Identity proof – As identity documents, beneficiaries have to produce Aadhaar card attached with the application of the scheme. This will be required for proper details of the candidate opting for the scheme.

Details of online application procedure of scheme

Since this is a re-launched scheme, the application procedures are yet to be declared by the state government. Also, in this regard, an online website will be launched for ease of registration under the scheme. Beneficiaries should try to get the latest updates that shall help them to know about when to opt for registration of the scheme.

However, along with proper implementation of the scheme, state CM will also look after the proper availability of doctors and hospitals relating the scheme. This will help improve the overall medical condition of the state.

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