Aajeevika Grameen Express Vehicle Loan Yojana (Interest Free)

Aajeevika Grameen Express Vehicle Loan Yojana (Interest Free) 

The government has announced the launch of a sub Scheme under DAY (Deendayal Antyodaya Scheme), which is termed as AGEY (Aajeevika Grameen Express Yojana). The main aim of the Yojana is focused towards providing with a helping hand to members belonging to the SHG (Self Help Groups).

Aajeevika Grameen Express Vehicle Loan Yojana

Launch Details

  • The government had earlier announced the launch of the new sub scheme on July 20th It was fully implemented by the government on August 10th 2017.
  • According to the sources it is certain that the new scheme will be supervised by NRLM DAY (National Rural Livelihoods Mission).
  • The New sub scheme was passed in the cabinet meeting on 13th June 2016 after the approval from State Transport Ministers from different states.

Key Features

  • The government has announced that under the new sub scheme the rural areas will be provided with affordable and secured means of transportation.
  • The government aims at providing with 4 wheel transport and 3 wheeler-Rickshaws to help rural villages to get connected to the remote villages.
  • It is certain that in the initial stage of the implementation over 250 blocks will receive the benefit of the new scheme for 3 years from 2017-18 onwards till 2019-20.
  • Being an e-vehicle it is certain that women will be able to get both 3 wheeler and 4 wheeler for a maximum of Rs 6.50 lakh investment.
  • In order to perfectly implement the scheme it is certain that the government will provide training to the CBO members. The training sessions will be conducted at training institutes by Rural self employment department.
  • It is also certain that the road transport services will be taken care of by the self help groups from remote areas under the supervision of NRLM DAY.

Important point about the scheme –

  • Under the scheme it is certain that women will be provided with interest free loan so they can purchase vehicles.
  • This will offer with better earning opportunities for women in these areas to take care of their livelihood, especially the ones who are coming from remote villages.
  • It is also obvious that after the implementation of the scheme it will be much easier for women in rural and remote villages to have access to various facilities including educational institutions, schools, hospitals and markets.

Eligibility Criteria

  • In order to get the full benefit of the scheme it is important that you should be registered with SHGs. The government will provide with loan facility for SHG members only.
  • In case you are residing in rural area then it is certain that you can get the benefit of the scheme even if you are registered with more than one SHG’s.
  • Under the scheme it is certain that the women candidates will be offered with special provisions.

Documents required

  • Aadhar card – It is certain that to get registered under the scheme the women candidate has to provide with her Aadhar card details at the time of loan application. Aadhar card number is mandatory as a proof of your address.
  • SHG documents – To get the benefit you have to provide with a copy of the SHG documents to prove your membership with that group.

Area Covered

  • In the initial stage the government has selected 8 states in which the scheme will be implemented. The government will implement the scheme block-wise in these states. Each state will be responsible for selecting the blocks for implementation.
  • To implement the scheme it is certain that the members have to be of legal age and the selection of the blocks should be approved by NRLM.
  • The scheme will first be implemented in blocks that are backward and belong to remote areas and lack access to transport system connectivity.
  • It is certain that NRLM will first conduct a research of the route and traffic condition of the selected areas before implementing so that the normal traffic conditions of the area does not get disrupted.
  • It is certain that the government shall provide with transport in the selected 250 blocks area only after complete planning for transport network such that the routes can be maintained clear without any disruptions.
  • It is also certain that each vehicle shall be marked with the same color and AGEY mark so they can be identified and diverted to the right route.
  • The government has also announced that it shall organize capacity scheduler program at block, district and state level to cover maximum area.

Set Budget

  • The government has set a budget of Rs 16.06 crore that will be invested in the project for 8 states. It is certain that the central and state government will share the overall budget.
  • For implementation the central government will allocate a sum of Rs 10.16 crore in the scheme.
  • Till date the government has already allocated a sum of Rs 1875 crore amongst 4 lakh SHGs. Pending 1088 crore will be allotted to another 7 lakh SHGs.
  • It is certain that as more number of SHGs will be added to the list so the overall budget is expected to increase.

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