Water Supply Scheme in Assam 2020

Water Supply Scheme in Assam 2020

Looking after the betterment of the state residents is the main function of the government. The government officials must point out the issues, which are bothering the people. According to these assessment reports, the authority takes pertinent actions. The development and implementation of welfare schemes are the two potential weapons. People, living in the hilly areas, do not have proper access to drinking water. It is valid for the Assam residents as well. The stage government has announced a new Water Supply Scheme that will put a stopper to this issue.

The government of Assam is keen on providing easy access to basic facilities for the inhabitants. The Chief Minister was chairing a meeting that was organized by the officials of Guwahati Development Department. Sarbananda Sonowal, the honorable CM of the state announced that the Water Supply Scheme will be put to action on the 15th of March, 2020. The primary objective is to ensure that maximum people in the city have easy access to clean and safe drinking water.

The Chief Minister also stated that the implementation of the scheme will be completed by the December 2020. The respective department is gearing up to make sure that the scheme is implemented as per schedule. After its implementation, around 55 thousand houses in the city will no longer have to worry about the continuous supply of safe and clean drinking water.

Apart from this, he also gathered information about the progress of the home construction project. The state government has offer the facility of easy home construction for the land owners by implementing the Mukhya Mantrir Sahaj Griha Nirman Achoni.

The guidelines of this scheme shed light on the fact that people, who have a 4 Lecha land will acquire the permission to start the construction of home on the plot. If the total land holding is more than 4 Lecha, but does not cross the 10 Lecha mark, they will be given the construction permission at once. The proper operation of this scheme will eliminate the housing problems in the state.

The residential and commercial building, constructed under this scheme will have features, which makes it easy for the physically challenged people to enter the building. Additionally, proper arrangements for rain water harvesting will also be present in these buildings.

The Chief Minister has promised the common residents of Assam that he will come up with new scheme, which will improve the quality of life. The details about the Water Supply Scheme are yet to be announced officially. However, the scheme inauguration date has been finalized by the Assam Government.

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