Kerala She Pad Scheme 2019-20

Kerala She Pad Scheme Free Saitary Napkins to school going girls 2019-20 [Phase 2, Eligibility, How to apply]

The state government of Kerala is going to start the second phase of ‘She Pad Scheme’. It is basically an awareness program in order to educate about menstrual health. Under this scheme the girls of the government or government aided school are going to get sanitary napkins. In this second phase of awareness campaign will cover five hundred schools in 2019. The launch details are given below in tabular form.

Kerala She Pad Scheme

The launch table

Name of the scheme She Pad Scheme phase 2
Launch date July, 2019
Launched in Kerala
Launched by K.K Shailaja
Implemented by Kerala State Women Development Corporation

Key features of the scheme

  • The scheme called Kerala She Pad Scheme Phase II is going to be implemented for the girls in the government schools also who are in the adolescent stage.
  • The scheme will provide sanitary napkins to promote hygiene during menstruation.
  • The scheme will also provide a storage box to every female student to store the sanitary napkins, and an incinerator to dispose them.
  • For the academic year 2018-19, the scheme will cover around 1200 schools in the state.
  • Apart from providing the aid, the scheme will organize workshops.
  • The local self government bodies are providing fund to the scheme.
  • The organization will provide booklet and a video to the authorities of the school to run the campaign for the new students.
  • According the sources the state government is going to arrange a workshop to educate the girls regarding menstruation products.
  • In that workshop the doctors will be present for demonstration on menstrual health.

Eligibility criteria to avail the scheme

  • The scheme is applicable only for Kerala.
  • Only the government or government aided schools will come under the scheme.
  • According to the scheme only the adolescent girls of the school will receive the aid.

How to apply for the scheme?

  • If the school is in Kerala then school can contact with the authority to come under the scheme.
  • In case of government aided school, the school authority is required to produce necessary documents that validate the claim.
  • In order to run the process smoothly, the Kerala State Women Development Corporation one teacher will be chosen from each school as a coordinator. She needs to keep in touch with the authority.
  • In order to come under the scheme, the female students need to produce a photocopy of their birth certificate.
  • As it is a newly launched scheme, the application procedure is yet to release but, it is heard that school can approach to the authority through both online and offline.

According to the sources, a survey has done in hundred and ten schools prior to the launch. According to the survey the idea of hygiene among the adolescent is alarmingly poor. The Kerala State Women Development Corporation will conduct another survey in the academic year of 2018-19 in order record the success of the scheme. The activity of the teacher will be monitored by the staff of the organization. The reason behind the scheme is, still girls uses the alternatives like, cloth, sand, ash, husk, etc. during menstruation and invite severe diseases. In conclusion it can be said that, the scheme implemented by the state government of Kerala seems a friendly initiative to promote menstrual hygiene.

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