Haryana to have loan scheme for Societies of vegetable growers

Haryana to have loan scheme for Societies of vegetable growers

Haryana government in India has recently made a decision to implement the new scheme to give loans to the societies of fruits and vegetables growers. This scheme is mainly helpful for farmers and also helps to boost the below listed agricultural aspects,

  • Production
  • Processing
  • Storage
  • Marketing of high quality fruits and vegetables

It also made a decision to implement the loan scheme to the cooperative societies of the women along with the farmers.

Double Objective:

The government of Haryana State, India has been decided to implement this loan scheme for the women cooperative societies with the double objective to generate the feeling of jointly moving the loan schemes to both women and vegetable growers, and also to the new scheme ensures the welfare of the village ladies especially ladies from farmer’s family.

Launch of this new loan scheme:

Haryana government is actually set to launch the new programme or scheme in order to provide the loan helps to the groups formed by the plant growers to help increasing their production, storage, and all other related things to make more return on investments. Mr. Manohar Lal who is the CM (Chief Minister) of Haryana state has recently gave approval to this loan scheme and launched an official proposal to this effect.

The scheme is especially launched to provide better financial help to the plant growers along with the added values to their production and the prices. The main goal of this loan scheme for the fruit and vegetable growers who are farmers is to give enough financial assistance to make better infrastructure for their marketing, processing, and also the storage of the horticulture made in the different cooperative sector. It also aims to give loans to farmers for the proper post-harvesting operations.

Aim To Provide financial assistance for Farmers
Loan Amount Provided Farmers can avail loan above or below 5 Lakh based on their vegetables or Fruits productivity.
Who Provides Loan under this scheme? District Central Co-operative Banks (DCCBs)
Who handles those subsidy parts? State Government
Experts View Strong Initiatives to Safe Guard Farmers and Get Good Productions


Benefits of this Haryana loan scheme:

When the farmers who are growing different vegetables and fruits are looking for the perfect financial help for your cultivation and harvesting, this latest financial scheme introduced by the Haryana state government is very helpful to develop the system where both the consumers and growers will get several benefits along with financial for the different value added activities. In such activities, the vegetables and fruits are being processed which gets the higher remunerative prices of the production. At the same time, this loan scheme also includes a facility of giving financial help for the various operations of the agriculture to add the share of the farmers in the current marketing arrangements.

Why new loan scheme for farmers:

The latest loan scheme launched by the Haryana government actually predicts the formation of the clusters consisting of the fruits and vegetables growers through the farmer societies. If they are the registered societies, they can engage in the cultivation, processing, post harvest management, and also marketing of vegetables & fruits in order to get this loan amount. These registered societies are only responsible to invest the loan amount for the cultivation, harvesting, and various agricultural activities of the farmers.

Similarly, they should have to distribute the ingredients to all the members according to their preferences. The production of the growers will then be sorted and sold by these societies to get profit. This profit amount will be distributed among all the members. In order to get the loan amount up to 5 lakh, the registered farmer societies don’t need to submit any collateral according to this loan scheme of Haryana government. On considering the importance and benefits of this scheme many states will follow Haryana soon.

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