DeenDayal Integrated Rural tourism scheme Uttarakhand

DeenDayal Integrated Rural tourism scheme Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand state government has taken a new step to boost employment in rural sector by introducing a new tourism scheme. The scheme namely DeenDayal Integrated Rural tourism scheme will soon come to operate. Under this scheme rural inhabitants will get loans from the state government to set up small businesses. These businesses will support tourism in Uttarakhand.

Launch Details

During the month of October in the year 2017, the state government has taken policies towards encouraging rural tourism and home stays. Extension to that policy, the Tourism Ministry has started this scheme. Tourism Minister Mr. Satpal Maharaj has launched the scheme on 24th January 2018. Department of Tourism (State) will be monitoring the scheme.

Deen Dayal Integrated Rural Tourism – Highlights

  • Loan facility: Local residents or inhabitants will be able to get loan for rural tourism. This will be a way of financial assistance that will help the common people for generating employment.
  • Small business: According to the state authority, the scheme will allow local people to set up their business related to tourism. It can be any of the products that are required or useful to encourage tourism. It can be food, transportation, soap making, flower bouquet or garland making and so on.
  • Nature of Business: As mentioned the loan receiver can use the loan amount in any set ups related to tourism. As for example if there is a soap manufacturer unit, they can supply soaps in hotels across the state.
  • Tulsi Plantation Plan: Along with this scheme, the state has also planned to start Tulsi Plantation. As Hindus use Tulsi the most in every puja or holistic function, the state has taken this initiative to supply enough Tulsi leaves for temples and so on.
  • Loan on Tourism: The loan provided to the beneficiaries under this scheme will solely be used for the business related to tourism. Beneficiaries cannot use that loan amount in any other business or other industry. They have to use that money on travel and touris m related activities.

Uttarakhand is a place where many tourists visit every year. Tourism industry is booming really fast across the state. This scheme will not only enhance rural tourism but will open up the opportunity of getting employed for so many people across rural area in the state. Soon the scheme will start implementing.

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