CM Advocate Welfare Scheme in Delhi 2019-20

Chief Ministers Advocate Welfare Scheme in Delhi 2019-20

The state government depends heavily on the state judiciary. The entire weight of the judicial system rests on the shoulders of lawyers and advocates. Before the election, Arvind Kejriwal has mentioned that he will pay close attention to the betterment of the advocates in the area. In this line, he has launched and will soon implement the Chief Ministers Advocate Welfare Scheme. The advocates of Delhi will be the beneficiaries of this project. If you desire to know more about its features, eligibility and other aspects, then read this article carefully.

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the scheme Chief Minister Advocate Welfare Scheme
Launched in Delhi
Launched by Arvind Kejriwal
Date of announcement 2019
Date of implementation December 2019
Target beneficiaries Advocates of Delhi
Supervised by Delhi Government

Key features of the scheme

  1. Development of judiciary – The judiciary is an important pillar of any democratic country. The implementation of this unique project will positively impact the development of the judicial system in Delhi.
  2. Encouraging advocates – The Delhi government has decided to launch this scheme for the betterment of the advocates, who reside and practice in Delhi.
  3. Amount for the fund – The Chief Minister of Delhi has declared that he has already instructed the finance department to allocate a budget of Rs. 50 crore for this scheme.
  4. Payment towards the scheme – The Delhi authority will continue to contribute Rs. 50 crore towards the CM Advocate Welfare Scheme every year.
  5. Forming a committee – During the initial announcement of the scheme that took place a few months back, the Chief Minister had mentioned that for better transparency and effectiveness, a separate committee will be formed that will take care of the various aspects of the scheme.
  6. Number of committee members – The unique welfare scheme for the advocates highlight that the core committee will consist of 13 members, who are associated with the judiciary. It has been decided that the charge of the committee will be in the hands of Rakesh Kumar Khanna.
  7. Function of the committee – The main function of the scheme committee will be to look after the development and the implementation of this project. The members will come up with plans for the optimum utilization of the cash, for improving the condition of the advocates.
  8. Welfare policies for the advocates – The primary task of the special committee will be to develop welfare policies, targeted towards the progress and prosperity of the advocates. Their focus will be to help those who belong to the marginalized sector and need financial assistances.

Eligibility for the applicants

  1. Resident of Delhi – The primary criterion for becoming a part of this scheme is to be a legal and permanent inhabitant of Delhi. If the applicant fails to meet this criterion, then he/she cannot access the scheme benefits.
  2. Only for advocates – The design and development of this project has been done for the betterment of the advocates of the area.
  3. Must have a license – If the advocate has not yet received his/her registration number and license from the Bar Council, then he/she will be unable to acquire the perks of this welfare scheme.
  4. Must practice law – It has been mentioned in the scheme draft that the project has will only allow the participation of those advocates who are actively practicing law. It is not for required advocates.
  5. Must possess the necessary qualification – The Chief Minister said that the committee may make some changes in the eligibility criteria. Only those applicants will be selected for the scheme benefits, who manage to fulfill these requirements.

Documents necessary for application

  1. Residential documents – As the Delhi authority will fund the scheme, the Chief Minister made it clear than only those advocates, who live within the limits of Delhi will be selected to attain the benefits of this project.
  2. Advocate certification – The advocate must have the necessary certificate to shed light on that fact that he/she is actively associated with law practice.
  3. Bar Council certificate – A photocopy of the advocate registration license, issued by the Bar Council must be attached with the enrollment form, to acquire the perks of this project.
  4. Qualification certificate – Every interested advocate need to furnish the law college and university certificates to highlight that he/she had passed the courses and is eligible for the scheme benefits.
  5. ID documents – It has been mentioned in the scheme that all the interested advocates will have to submit a photocopy of their Aadhar Card. The document will be used for background checks.

How to get registration form and apply?

Though the scheme has been launched a few months back, the state government is yet to take the necessary steps to implement the scheme. However, the Chief Minister commented that the most important part, that is the construction of the selection committee has already been done. It is the responsibility of the committee to make the necessary recommendations. Once the recommendations have been finalized, the Chief Minister will publish the application process. It is estimated that the authority may opt for the portal based enrollment process. We will update the scheme related details on our portal as soon as the state authority makes the official announcements.

The scheme is a unique step and is a first of its kind. The advocates are hopeful that the implementation of this scheme will help those with financial constraints. The committee will work on various policies. The development of these policies will pave the path for the overall betterment of the advocates. The committee chairman also suggested that beneficiary selection will be done as per the recommendations of this governing group.

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